Thursday, July 24, 2008

I Wont Believe It Till I See It

So I love the idea that there is this human growing inside of me, but I hate the fact that other people can't physically see it. I am not exactly the most tummy toned gal you'll meet, but when you're bloated 24/7 and looking like you're 4 months preggo, you definitely lose a little confidence.

I recently purchased this black strapless summer dress that falls to the floor (Very Angelina Jolie!), and the other night Jon and I had to desperately make a trip to our local Stater Bros to stock up on necessary items (cravings and crackers) so I put on that black dress and out we went. It wasn't until we were walking that first aisle that Jon noticed my portruding belly and patted it and said, "suck it back in girl, that aint the baby yet!" I wanted to just wack him right then and there. Of course it wasn't the size of the baby making my belly stick out, it was the enormous amount of gas floating around inside that gut of mine!!! However, to explain that to Jon means nothing.

Oh, he believes the baby exists, however, symptoms shouldn't until he can actually see the evidence of that baby. It's like, until there's the actual BABY BUMP, I am not actually experiencing any sort of pregnancy symptoms. Bless my husbands heart. He loves me and that baby inside of me and I wouldn't doubt that for the world. But after I wake him up for the third time to go potty he leans over and says, "maybe you shouldn't drink water before going to bed," and I so casually respond, "baby love, I didn't drink anything 3 hours before we went to bed!"

I hear its typical for men to respond this way. When I was explaining this idea with a lady whom I respect dearly, she so calmly smiled and said, "dear, they're all like that." That might just have been the most reassuring thing anyone has said to me post-finding-out-I'm-preggers so far.

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  1. I remember the MILLIONS of bathroom breaks! I swear its God's way of preparing you for the first couple of months with the baby. I remember trying to not really open my eyes each time i went to the bathroom thinking that if i didn't open my eyes, i wouldn't wake up nearly as much and thus i would feel more rested in the morning...didn't work. Don't worry though, it will die off a little later ....but...then pick back up the last bit of the pregnancy! its crazy how such a itty bitty baby can cause so much change in our bodies! As for jon, oh man. Guys just don't understand that there is a NEW object in your body (no matter how little it is in the begining) and your body REACTS to it! love you! Excited for you!