Monday, July 14, 2008


iHola! Friends and family! Guess what?!?! Jon and I are expecting our first child come March '09. Here's the scoop on how we found out:
Friday morning (07-11-08) I woke up again, for the fourth morning, feeling very sick to my stomache. So, after Jon headed off to work, I opened our medicine cabinet where I hid the package of pregnancy tests (even though Jon and I were trying for a baby, he was against me purchasing any more tests since I use them way before I'm supposed to and waste them, granted I had even wasted a $20 one that previous monday) and I discovered two BEAUTIFUL pink lines appearing. MY HEART SANK! I was so excited! The first thing I did was dial my sister's cell phone number, since she was so far away in Australia, and woke her up at 1:30am their time, and yelled "you're going to be an autie!" After chatting, I put on some clothes and went straight to Babies R Us to try to find some nick nacks to decorate the house and surprise Jon when he would later get home from work.

Well, Babies R Us was still closed so I hurried to Target and went straight to work. That Friday was the LONGEST day of my life, trying to wait for him to get home, and since I couldn't tell anyone else since I wanted it to be his and mine moment for a while, I sat anxious on the couch for 4 hours.

Eventually he came home and this is what he saw:

Later we went to dinner and eventually told our families the following day! It's official, we're pregnant and so thrilled that we finally can love on our OWN kid for a change ;0) (not to say that I'm going to stop LOVING on other people's kids, cause I'm not gonna stop!)


  1. from Chara Hoskins:

    YAY!!!! WOOHOO!!!! So exciting!

  2. omgosh i love you!!! lol :) and miss you!!! this is Kassie by the way!! omgosh congrates!!! this is amazing i want pictures put pictures up soon k!!!!! this is exciting!!!!

  3. Please don't let your child grow up in Yucaipa. Seriously.

    Congrats on the baby.