Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Morning

So this Christmas has been an interesting one. Last Christmas, Jon and I spent the week at my in-laws. This Christmas we stayed at my parents in San Bernardino since Tuesday and enjoyed waking up on Christmas morning in our Christmas pajamas to read the Christmas story and to open gifts. We were able to skype Jax on webcam and she was able to sat in our Christmas Circle.

We as a family decided not to do gifts this year, but that didnt last. We all had ended up collecting gifts for each other. From Jon I got a decorating book, Downsizing Your Home With Style; Living Well In A Smaller Space and well has a book of hairstyles. I also got the Candace Olsen Decorating Book. She's one of my favorites. :0) OOh, and I cant forget my electric skillet. My how the wish list has changed since I was a little girl.

In other news, my little brother proposed to Jen Frausto this morning. The day before he hiked a large hillside to place a sign that read, "Will You Marry Me" and this morning he had her look through a telescope (apparently it was on her wish list of things to do before she dies) and while she did, he got down on one knee and proposed. There will again be a Jen Hammer in the family.

This Christmas I really missed my sister. I wanted to badly to have her hear as well as get to know her boyfriend of almost a year, BJ Magee. I know that as we're getting older and creating our own lives, we're not going to be so close as we used to be (in the sense of location) but I still wish we could just drive up to each others homes any time we needed and come in for a cup of tea. My how nice that would be.

This Christmas morning, as we celebrated the joy of our families and the fun of gift giving, I had a chance to look at all that Jesus has blessed me with this year as well as the gift of salvation. He gave me hope when I thought all was lost. He gave me peace when my mind was in panic. He gave me comfort when I was weary. And he gave me strength when I was scared. My Jesus gave me everything I needed and allowed me more than I wanted.

Merry Christmas to Everyone!

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