Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Times Are Changing

Ok, so we're down to the ground wire with packing and getting rid of everything in our home. We have to be out on the 30th of April and we still have our couch to get rid of. We've given away just about 80% of our belongings, yet we still have too much stuff.

Things are getting a little hectic. We are extremely excited but a little overwhelmed. With packing, roaming from house to house for a few days, saying goodbye, planning and making the trip out there, and on top of everything else, FINDING OUT WE'RE PREGNANT AGAIN! What is up with that?

OK, so we're not in the safe zone yet. We were not trying and were not looking for a positive sign on a pregnancy test, but after weeks of symptoms and lack of symptoms, something had to be up. So here we are, moving out of state about to take on the challenge of raising 8 kids and finding out that while we're adjusting to all of this, we'll be adjusting to preggy life.

At first, we didn't plan on sharing the news until we were certain all was well. However, we lack health insurance at the moment, and I'm not sure how long it will be before we can see a doctor. So far, the symptoms say its a go. It's very scary, and so I decided to post it in hopes that all of you will keep us in your prayers. We ask for prayer on the health of the baby and pregnancy, the ability to get health insurance and find a doctor in Arkansas, and the trip out there (since its a 22 hour drive and so far my tummy isn't ok with that).

I am very scared. I have a hard time sleeping at night thinking about doctor appointments, health insurance, the drive out there, and the worst, every pain I may feel in my abdomen freaks me out. Sometimes I have to fall asleep to a prayer asking God to hold me cause everything is so uncertain. When we got the job, we thought the rest was up to us. But as we continue to see, when you completely hand your life to Christ, He takes it all the way. So we're in for a Major adventure.

*You can see our Baby's Journal at http://mypregnancyplace.americanpregnancy.org/journals/view/gigipearl


  1. pregnant...yay!!! when did you find out?

  2. We found out Tuesday of Last Week. So that puts us around 8 weeksish but I haven't been able to go to the doctor yet, so I don't know for certain.