Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Five Things I Think Every Home Needs:

1. Fresh Flowers:  I used to always try to have vases of fresh flowers in my home.  It made each room feel inviting and full of life.  If you can't afford to purchase fresh flowers or you don't live close to a farmers market, plan your own.  Also, Trader Joe's sells excellent flowers at a really good price.

2. Candles:  Mmmmm...  How I love candles!  My favorite scents are vanilla for the every day use and apple pie at Christmas time!  Walmart sells jarred candles for only $5.00.

3. Picture Frames (with personal pictures in them):  I love entering a home and looking at all the pictures out on display and I even scout attractive picture frames.

4. A Good, Comfy, Stylish Couch:  I was never really a fan of the styles of couches my dad picked our for our home growing up, but they were comfy.  Take a style and make it your own but never forget to make sure its comfortable!

5. A Welcoming Feeling:  There is no point to have couches or chairs for people to sit on if you aren't planning on having people over.  And there is no point to have people over if your home does not feel Welcoming... so keep that in mind!

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