Friday, July 30, 2010

Miss Adventuresome

Now, she rests peacefully with one hand tightly holding her empty bottle while the other lay perfectly nestled at her side.  She is so quiet and still, you almost forget what a battle it was to get her to such a quiet slumber.  Teething has managed to find it's way into the precious pouty-lipped mouth of my little one and 'cause aches and pains, sleepless nights and days, and restless "body" syndrome.  But after lots of side to side sways and mommy's thighs feeling like they want to burst apart from all the bouncing up and down, she's finally asleep.  So now, I get to recount my Friday with Miss Adventuresome...  

She stands and enjoys standing at any moment she can get (although she still has to master that feet positioning).  My nerves tremble whenever I see her standing in her crib; afraid that she might fall and clip her chin or bonk her head.  But this is what she does.  This is how I usually find her in her crib.
But this morning didn't start out so bouncy and full of energy.  Instead, Joss and I were fighting each other with yells and "waaahs" as we were both too tired to get up, but forced to none-the-less.  Just that night, I had managed to feed her a bottle with the nipple BARELY attached pouring out all the milk over her face and jammies, leaving me with a 3am changing of clothes, relocating of baby, cleaning mattress, and rocking babe back to sleep (mind you, Jon is FAST asleep during this whole process).  So first thing of the morning, a bath!

We sort through the random clothes and sizes she has hanging since I can never really seem to remember to go through her clothes and store ones that no longer fit her.  After digging and digging, we find one that still fits (since all the others are in the dirty laundry, since, well, I NEVER DO LAUNDRY).  But as I'm packing her diaper bag for the day, she decides she wants to sort through the diaper bag herself and take out all of it's belongings.

Eventually we make it to the car, where Joss decides she isn't going to have it, so instead of using my soft mommy voice to redirect her energy, I simply pull out my camera!

Ahh, we make it to our errands and browse around some stores (in hopes to gain visual stimulation as well as some OUT OF THE HOUSE interraction)... So, Target it is!

At which point, my droopy eyed doll is begging for a nap... so as she drifts off into sleepy land, I turn on my radio and start singing along with Sanctus Real.
{Those toes look so yummy...}

At the end of the day, daddy comes home for some cuddle love.  These are the moments I cherish.  These are the moments I LIVE FOR.  

So, until the day comes when I get my home with rooms full of children to love on, my little living space with just a Josselyn, a daddy, and a mommy, will do just perfectly.  And all the adventures she'll allow me to tag along on, I'll capture each memory, engrave it in my brain and savor it for as long as I can.  

This was MY Friday!



  1. Not gonna be mushy -- just wanted to let you know I LOVE watching you be the mommy and wife you were created to be. To borrow from John, the Beloved:

    "I have no greater joy than this: to hear that my children are walking in the truth."

    Thank you for joy in the morning and throughout the day :-)

  2. She is seriously SO adorable!! And I love those sheets in her crib!!! They're fabulous!

  3. What a sweetie! She is so cute I can barely stand it!

    I worry about my little one standing in her crib as well. The more mobile she is getting the more I feel a heart attack coming on. {just kidding, sort of}

  4. The first bath shot is SO Tweety Bird...