Friday, July 23, 2010

They Came From A Land Down Under

Transitioning from being a mom to seven boys to a mommy to just one little girl was difficult.  No matter what choice brought us down to one, it was the hardest thing I've ever experienced in my life.  When we moved back to California, I was welcomed by my sister who was on vaca from Australia (yes, I said from meaning California was her vaca and Aussie land is her home).

It was much needed company as my hormones decided to take on a new life of their own and transform my typically loving mind, into a mind of fear.  Jacky kept me calm and brought me back to reality!  She would sit with me in our new "home" and watch episodes of Gilmore Girls and MIOBI and laugh at me when I would jump up and down on my bed in excitement when Emily and Damon first kissed.

She rocked my little one to sleep when I couldn't muster up the ability because I was too deep into sulking in my so-called-life.  She tagged along in the car rides when I was too scared to venture back out in the world to make a run for diapers.  And when it was time for her to head back to Australia after three months of helping me adjust back into my reality, I wasn't terrified anymore!  It was sad to see her go, but she had inspired me to be the mommy I was created to be, the same mommy I was to my seven loves just months previously.  And so when she left, I was ready.

But now she's back for a short visit and I couldn't be more thrilled.  It had been three months since she'd seen her niece and three months in baby development is HUGE.  But I think it was Auntie Jacky who made the most "development"...

{Market night with Auntie Jacky, Uncle BJ, Auntie Jensen, Daddy and Mommy}

{Because I wanted you all to notice the FAN in the bottom right corner he had to blow his wavy locks}

{Market Night browsing equals nail polish for $1}

We love having Auntie Jacky and Uncle BJ.  Joss can't get enough of Auntie Jacky cuddles and Uncle BJ's ridiculously deep Australian Accent.  It is exciting to look back and think that 7 months ago I was overtaken by fear and heartbreak and although my life wont ever be the same, its a New Life and a Life full of LOVE indeed!



  1. Oh this looks wonderful - I'm glad your sister was able to visit again. Heck - California would be vacation for me too!

  2. Tell Jacky and BJ the St. Laurents said hello! I hope they are having a great time
    Hope to see them before they leave :)

  3. yay for jacqs and bj!!! give 'em a big squeeze for me! xx

  4. California is actually quite the vacation (and I even live here).

    Chelsea- they are here on layover for a wedding in Canada, but they make a stop again... Coffee date maybe?

    Adriel, Jax and BJ give a big "hello" and BJ is in that DEEP Aussie accent (so much fun!)

  5. Looks like a lot of fun !!! I love visits from my sister ! And I love the photograph of the nail polishes !! This is definatley something we'd stop and look at too !!