Friday, August 20, 2010

Feeling Raw Friday

Today I feel like taking a questionnaire that has been floating around the blog world and answering it with 100% ME!  So to add to the questions, I decided to take a picture of myself without any make up on... no hair did... no fancy clothes... just me, 100% all me {I only added black and white because I didn't want to be too overwhelming with awkwardness}.

{I AM …} tired.  I need more sleep.  I can never seem to catch up.  NEVER!
{I WANT …} a really good full body massage.  Seriously, I want a dark quiet room with nature sounds and a good massage therapist to work out those kinks and knots and make me feel all better.
{I HAVE …} more long sleeves than I do short sleeves and something is SERIOUSLY wrong with that when you live in Southern California.
{I KEEP …} a day planner but always forget I have it so I miss my appointments.
{I WISH I COULD …} have a home full of children to love on!
{I HATE …} when I see children being abused!
{I FEAR …} so many things... I struggle with fear!  I mean seriously STRUGGLE {so much so that I'm afraid to be home alone and I'm almost 25}
{I HEAR …} the breath of my baby girl and I am content.
{I DON’T THINK ...} that our life can get any more interesting... oh wait, yes it can...
{I REGRET …} not holding onto them a little longer and not saying I love you enough!
{I LOVE …} children.  PERIOD!
{I CAN …} stop blogging... I can... I can... ok, no I can't.
{I DANCE …} to Dancing With the Stars Workout DVD (yes I do!)
{I SING …} all the time and secretly want to start a band with my hubby who can actually sing amazing well but wont ever admit it.
{I NEVER …} get enough sleep.
{I RARELY …} pluck my eyebrows and I seriously need to fix that. 
{I CRY WHEN I WATCH …} sappy movies where a loved one dies... most recently a Filipino movie where the husband dies just 5 months after they were married and challenges her to move on (basically a Filipino version of P.S. I Love you- and I definitely cried with that one). 
{I KNOW THAT …} the money will come in because it always has.
{I HATE THAT …} I'm not getting a massage right now!
{I NEED …} a good massage because my body aches.
{I SHOULD …} be off the computer and packing for our get-away-at a friends house as they take off for two weeks so we get to house sit. 
{I BELIEVE …} that LOVE is the greatest way to save a person's life.



  1. Thank you for posting this! I like reading peoples "raw" thoughts. BTW, you look fantastic with no make up and no hair did. I'm kinda jealous. :-)

  2. I love this post and I love how raw it is. I also think you're beautiful without any makeup or your hair did. Love it.

  3. are still a HOT Momma with out being all glammed up.

  4. I think you look great with no makeup and no hair did! Kudos to you for putting yourself out there. I love the little survey thing you did. I may have to borrow that [with due credit as to where I found it given, of course!] Have a great day!!

  5. This is NOT how I look sans makeup - not fair. And now I'm sounding like my kids. ;-)

  6. That is SO crazy that you know Amy! I LOVE her. She was just here in Oregon about a month ago. I miss her! WONDERFUL person. Very small world. :D

  7. You are such a beautiful girl! You don't need make-up! And I love this post... If you don't mind I may link to your page and post the questions on mine.

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  9. Oh so do it! Yes use it. I am thinking of doing this every friday with new questions so maybe I'll make a button.

  10. you look just like jax in that picture!!!

  11. You are adorable!!!

    I'm also bad about not plucking my eyebrows regularly. I need to get better about that!!

  12. you're beautiful! and i love reading more about you. <3