Monday, August 2, 2010

Living Large Sometimes Means You GOTTA HAVE IT!

I'm all about learning how to bargain and how to home make what I would usually purchase.  Saving money is the new KEY idea in our little home.  And I'm starting to get pretty good at it.  I've discovered a new will power to say "no" or find new things to occupy myself with instead of shop.  I've also found creative ways to keep our family somewhat up with the new fashion without stocking up at H&M or BabyGap.  White onesies have been dressed up in so many ways to keep Joss looking fresh and cute, daddy's new shirts come in the $5 Solid Tees at Walmart, and I've been recycling my old clothes pre-pregnancy making it feel like new clothes all over again.  But just today, I tagged along with my sisters-in-law on a mall outing and found myself some AMAZING steals!!!

One in particular I'm dying to share is my new shoes...  I've been living in white t-shirts and jeans for the past year, and I'm loving the comfy look, but how to dress it up?  OOOOH,  I know, a brand new pair of HOT PINK shoes!!!  Yes, HOT PINK!

I love these new pairs of shoes that I just HAD TO HAVE {and shh... don't tell no one, but they were under $10 bucks}.  So this is my splurge on myself that I just have to brag about.  Momma is ready to paint the town red... err, or shall we say HOT PINK!


  1. I think they're a necessity so I'm glad you know where to draw the line!

  2. omg LOVE those shoes.....great find!!!!!!!

  3. Yes, the line was drawn somewhere... ;0)

    The shoes are an absolute LOVE, sadly though, when I got home, the hubby wasn't too thrilled 'cause he thought they looked UGLY! But it's ok, I'll still pretend I'm Carrie Bradshaw!

  4. Love love love these shoes!! I am always excited when I can find a great pair of shoes for under $10! Good job!

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