Friday, September 17, 2010

Flashing Lights

I feel like we're back in high school again, flirting, passing notes, and laughing until our tummies hurt.  But add in a crying babe and a few yelling matches when we think the other isn't doing it right, and we're back to reality.

Jon and I have been going through Faith's SLR class together.  He's been learning along with me and we've been playing hooky the past couple of days and now we have to catch up.  While, although in high school Jon breezed through with the minimal participation and attendance necessary, he's been taking this class very seriously.  But just like he copied my assignments in Algabra II, he continues to copy them now.

So as we were learning Shutter Speed, this was what we got.  I thought it too hilarious and fun to keep to ourselves.

{I was laughing so hard I didn't get the full image before the shutter closed}

{It was actually pitch black outside, but because we needed the shutter speed to hold for quite a long time to get the entire outline of our bodies, it absorbed quite a bit of light... oh well, it was fun}

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  1. That's awesome...I wish I had a buddy to help me with my assignments. It's so hard to do stuff by myself.

  2. Those are so fun!! We did that in the pitch black cabin of our cruise shop a couple of years ago! I should dig up those photos!!

  3. This looks so fun!! I hadn't even thought of something like this my assignment. I wish I could enlist the help of my 2 year old. Wouldn't THAT be interesting??

  4. That's so awesome! Love the pics.

  5. these are so fun! Love the one where you are posing so cute!

  6. those are awesome! How i the world did you do that? So fun that you and your hubby are going through it together...great time spent together!

  7. this is funny, I am glad you have a partner taking interest in what it is you are pics Jhen!