Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I Am Free

I feel completely liberated!  Goodness, almost 5 days without posting will wreak a little bit of blogger havoc on an addict.

Recently, my husband has been home all day and he isn't much of a fan of computers, much less a fan of time spent on computers.  So he gives his little look of disapproval and I do my minimal blog reading, and get off to go do activities.  It has been fun.  Long walks around the neighborhood have turned into adventures in trash-picking-uping.  Our little housing community will be TRASH free by the time we're done with it ;)

We've adventured out to take more photos of our little girl which are getting harder and harder to do the more she learns she has access to the world in her movement... and boy can she move.

{Yummilicious Apple Jam}

{Our great friends came to visit- The Rickers}

I've also had my first adventure away from home and baby.  It was my first night away from Joss and honestly, it was a night with the greatest sleep.  When I first tried to leave for the conference, I broke down, turned off the ignition and ran back inside crying.  I was so afraid they'd realize they could manage without me, and realize, they didn't need mommy.  I was actually afraid that they wouldn't miss me.

But I had to go... so after much reassurance, I headed out to the car for another try.  And I did.  I made sure to call home and check up as well as enjoy the many picture messages sent to my phone.  And after a goodnight call from the hubby, I enjoyed a quiet room and big bed ALL TO MYSELF.  I slept hard and long.  It was magical.  And so was the Women of Faith Conference I attended in Anaheim!

{...and because I had to show you my terrible lack of organization in packing...}

{...and because when Natalie Grant sang "Held" I bawled my eyes out like a Baby...}

{...and because a stadium this full of women needs to be documented with a picture...}

{...and because I rocked my hot pink shoes that day...}
But I'm back now and ready to write, type, blog hop, and get my read on!  Hek yes for blogging and for the much need "sigh-and-slump-shoulders-with-a-content-smile"!

And don't forget, if you have a Love Story you'd like to share on my blog and be a guest blogger, please email me at jhen.stark@gmail.com.  Amazing stories so far...



  1. I love taking a break from the internet...think I am due for it. Glad you enjoyed your time away and a good time at the conference! Wish I was able to go to something like that! Those pics of your hubby and daughter are priceless! You guys are a great looking couple!

  2. well, you already KNOW i love those photos! (the chair ones? omg, to die for! like, totally, for sure!;) SO GOOD jehn!

    but wow, good for you for going to the conference! i think that would be hard too. i haven't been apart from levi yet overnight... but of course he'd be fine. just hard on momma. :( i'm proud of you!!! and sounds like it was amazing. time well spent! x x x

  3. Looks like the conference was a lot of fun! Glad you were able to get some 'you' time! We all need it once in a while. LOVE the new design! Glad you are back!

  4. Is Joss wearing pink Converse sneakers? LOVE those on babes! (Isaac has been wearing them since we found a pair small enough for his chubby baby feets-lol)

    I'm with you on feeling so sad to be away from your babe. They are such large parts of our lives despite how small they are! But it looks like you had a refreshing time, and Mommies need that every now and then :) The conference looked wonderful!

  5. Good for you for taking a break! I should take my own advice and do the same. :-) My friends' husband said the other day "don't waste your life documenting your life" and that really stuck with me.

    Your little one is absolutely precious! Her sweet little face puts a smile on mine every time! ;-) Glad you're back!

  6. I can't believe you left your little one for the first time! You must feel pretty proud :) Good job!
    Also those pictures are really cute.
    Are you up in Oak Glen?

  7. You have the cutest sweetest little family Jhen! So glad you were able to get some time away. Everybody needs "me time". Glad you are back!
    P.S. I'm grabbing a button for my blog. =)

  8. It sounds like you had a wonderful weekend! You totally deserved it!

    Happy Wednesday!

  9. Good for you for taking a break from blogging !!! I have those weeks that I tell myself to get productive around the house, the computer will always be there and the blogging world isn't going anywhere !! Ya'll will be there to read again when I publish a new post !!!
    Have a fabulous day !