Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I Can't Imagine

I've just recently stumbled upon a few blogs that have seriously set my heart back a bit.  I had never heard of EB {Epidermolysis Bullosa} a genetic (incurable) skin disease.  I know very little about the disease and spent the last evening reading over these blogs to learn more about the disease and about these precious little ones and their families as they try to survive.

I seriously couldn't imagine.  And I really don't want to, to be honest.  I can't even stand when my little one has a diaper rash.  So the kind of faith, love, and strength these families have, is beyond what I can comprehend.

And typically, I would try to avoid reading things that make my heart hurt, but I felt this could not go unmentioned.  These children need to be prayed for.  These mommies and daddies need to know that there are people around this world pulling together strength for when they feel like they don't have any!  And they need people to believe along side them that their child, although I don't believe God predestined them to have this disease, will be born with a BEAUTIFUL and PERFECT purpose.  We need to believe along with them, that there WILL be GOOD even in the HARD.

I know there are more children and families not listed here... these are the three I found and read about and prayed over.  I strongly suggest for you to do the same!

Those to Pray For:

Those to Remember:



  1. I love how you said they will be born with a beautiful and perfect purpose. So true. Thanks for sharing this!

  2. It's so hard as a Mother to read these stories, yet inspiring to see the strength of these families. They are creating awareness and unity by sharing their stories with us. My prayers are with everyone who is struggling with a sick child.

  3. well said. sam doesn't understand why i allow myself to sit at the computer & bawl at these stories, but sometimes i feel like i have to. these little babies deserve to have their stories told!

  4. So thoughtful of you to share these stories. My heart goes out to them--I can't imagine. I'll say a prayer for sure!

  5. oh dear! I hadn't heard of this until now. :( awfull.

  6. I havne't heard of this either. But, I'm glad you posted about it. We need to know about the tough things so we know how to help, pray, etc. God/Jesus calls us to that. I just made to posts that hurt to read and write about - "Why Johnny Can't Come Home" in two parts. It is about human trafficking ... in THIS country! God bless the chldren. wb