Saturday, November 20, 2010

Far Away

It is quiet but full of laughter.  It is soft but full of light. 
Its fields contend with ponds that glisten in the night.
I hear the pitter-patter of little feet running down the halls
And laughter breaks the silence as it echoes off the walls.  
Each door opens to a special place where love and grace abound,
And this, My far away home, is a dream yet to be found.

My far away is a distant dream.  A chance of what could be.  
Full of hearts I love to love, but faces I cannot see.  
My far away is a place to smile for every second chance, 
A land where heartache will win no more, but our joyful souls will dance.
- jhen.stark

I feel poetic today.  It might just been the rainy weather, but I felt the urge to write my heart out... and although it came in just a few rhythmic lines, I cried.

I was recently handed a book {thanks to my generous mommy} written by Lucy Swindol.  In it, she asks when you hear 'far away' what do you think.. and so this poem was born.  My far away has been my far away for some time, and when I came close to home with this one, it was stolen from me with the simple loss of mind after I gave birth to my daughter.

And although so many of you have read the story before, it is a story so deep in my heart that it has shaped my view of life.  And after losing what I held MOST dear, I'm trying to squeeze every drip of juice out of life as I can.  So although My far away is a dream I long to live, My here and now is where I love to be.  



  1. Oh my goodness...I just read your story. I'm in tears. You're right...what a mighty God we serve. You are so strong. I'm so glad I read this post so I know more about you. You are have such a beautiful heart, my friend. I'm so sorry for the trials you faced, but happy that you will be able to touch other women who most can't reach. The Lord is using you in big ways!

  2. Wow. I've read it before, but I say wow again. Hugs! I nominated you, by the way. You totally deserve it.