Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Radical Love

We finally have creamer in our fridge giving me coffee for my morning as I sit at my desk and reminisce over all that has captivated my heart this past week.  I can't get over the beauty that is in front of me, and yet my heart still yearns for more.

I'm learning to love Radically and the process is a great one.  I have never found within myself, a more deeper love, then when I became a "mommy" to someone.  This taste of love is so delicious I want bite after bite and it seems my plate will never go empty.  

But the small cry in my heart has grown louder and a melodious chorus of desperation sang for a love greater than what I can give myself.  And that LOVE I have gladly embraced years ago as a little girl in Sunday church, is wanting to go deeper within my heart and in return create a Radical women who loves Radically.

So I've stopped to listen and let LOVE take over.  And the LOVE that is always patient, kind, never envies, doesn't boast, isn't proud, isn't rude, is not self seeking, is not easily angered, keeps no records of wrongs, doesn't delight in evil but rejoices in truth, always protects, hopes and always perseveres has it's grasp on me and wont let me go.  And for that, I have a reason to be Radical.

But the hardest, but most pivotal challenge for the battle of my heart, is the ability to let go of that which I love for the ONE who LOVES.  So as we embraced each other with hugs and smiles, said our tricks and our treats, we looked into each other's eyes and asked "Will I be willing to lose you for my King?"

And all too soon, we were tempted to say with a resounding Chorus "No", but we bit our tongue and held quiet a little longer in hopes to become deeper people with a deeper passion and a deeper love for our Savior and Humanity.  

And our bubbly and ever spunky baby, who's growing into a little girl in her own right, stands before us with a heart desperate for a LOVE we, ourselves are not enough to give, and as our job to show her the way becomes more and more intense as she challenges the "wrongs" in life, we find ourselves running to the feet of the ONE who HAS bared all the wrongs we've done and will do.  

And as we trick and treated our way through the first of the Holiday Seasons, we fought our colds for moments to be with family.  And although these moments aren't yet as precious as they can be, they are moments to be savored to the best of our imperfect ability so that as we prepare ourselves for what is to come, we can hold to the ones back home who support us from their own front lines.

And our Spunky Monkey {who we think looks a lot like Curious George, so she went as Curious Georgette}, enjoyed her first year of Halloween at Great Grandma's house, where for 20 years they've pulled out their antique popcorn truck and handed out free popcorn and cider for the decked out families who made their way around the neighborhood collecting candy.  

And these moments are cherished into our money banks as we save up for the long road ahead. And as our sun sets each day, we're reminded of what we have and what we've hoarded.  We have a daughter given to us so we can love and teach to LOVE and who's life we desire to be full of purpose and greatness.  

And we have two hearts, beating because of Mercy and Grace, that have loved within our inner circle for too long.  And even then, we haven't loved enough.  So we, with Light that brings Good to all things, we get another chance to discover a LOVE so radical that made the blind to see and the lame to walk and a LOVE that is so powerful, our inability to do great things becomes a reality.  

Our lives are far from perfect, and our hearts are deeply convicted, but we have found Forgiveness in the One who gives Eternal Life, and what we have bound deep in our hearts and kept quiet for too long is breaking free.  And the LOVE that transformed us into who we are and who we are still becoming is seeping through us with the desire to be spread to the nations.  So our hearts can't stay quiet anymore... and when I leave this world and all who gather to celebrate the life I lived, I want to be remembered as one who Loved Radically and Radically Loved the ONE!    



  1. Your family is beautiful, your hearts are where their suppose to be! Cherish it all!

  2. I don't think you know how much I needed to read this. I hoard "my rights" to worry and not surrender my intense love for my husband and my baby girl inside of me. I am in a constant state of "what if something happens to one of them??" I have to battle fear every time my husband drives to work; fear of him being in a car accident. And fear everyday of worrying if something has happened to my little girl in my womb.

    Thank you for reminding me that these people are not mine. They are the Lord's. I cannot control their futures-- I can only love them and trust the Lord.

    You are a beautiful woman--- inside and out!

  3. gorgeous pictures. that antique popcorn truck is the coolest thing EVER. you are so blessed to live so close to family! i envy you.

    i admire your faith & openness with your feelings... you are a beautiful person, inside & out!

  4. What a great post. I love this message... I agree with Mandy(the other one) - I really needed to hear this today! Thank you for the reminder!
    And... gorgeous photos, as always!

  5. I always love your posts. These pictures made me smile (: and your writing is beautiful, as always! Thank you for the reminder (:

  6. Of course I love the photos but what...what a message.

  7. What a great beautiful post and the photos are
    just awesome. Love the dressed up dog...so funny...

  8. Beautiful post. I need every ounce of positive readings I can get- and this did it for me. Tears in eyes and all.
    I appreciate you, Jhen. I hope you know that.

  9. Lovely words, lovely photos. : )

  10. Great photos!! I really like the one where he is throwing her up in the air!! :)

  11. love this, great post and beautiful photos!! :)

  12. Jhen, have you read the book 'Radical' by David Platt yet? Ok, if not, you better pick it up, I would say you are on the journey already and it will inspire and push you even further for the One who we are RADICAL about!

  13. I loved your post on this...I've had a longing to dig deeper into trusting in the Lord and letting Him and Him alone fulfill and love me, so that I can go out and serve Him and not myself.
    Big Fat Mama

  14. Preach it sister!! Dang, GREAT post and of course pictures. Thanks again for the encouraging comment on my blog...your soooo SWEET!!!! again, LOVING this post!

  15. UH MAZING!!!!! PICTURESSS!!!!! Teach me your ways!!!

  16. Beautiful post! And a monkey..?? How cute is that!? LOVE IT!
    It looks like you had a wonderful Halloween :)
    I like the picture of Joss being tossed into the air in her monkey costume...it looks like she is being sent down to John lol....like she dropped from a tree :)

  17. This post is so beautiful, thanks for sharing! Love the pictures! :)

  18. Thank you for writing this! I needed it today so very much.

  19. This is something that I battle and struggle with daily. I am filled with a love for my husband and son that is so strong, the fear of losing either of them makes me nauseous [literally]. But as you mentioned, though I love them more than anything Earthly, there is someone else who loves them more than I ever could. And their lives aren't mine. They are his. Beautiful, beautiful message. I'm going to HAVE to go get that book.

  20. This is beautiful! You're beautiful!!
    Thank you so much for writing this. I, too, needed to read it today.
    You should read Radical by David Platt or Compelled by Love by Heidi Baker! (both of which I have copies of and would love to share with you if you wish) autumnrhea@ymail.com