Saturday, December 18, 2010

A Heavy One

My back is aching and I am realizing I'm getting old.  25 years old to be exact {notice the getting because the big 25 milestone is just around the corner}, but anyway,  I feel like I'm falling apart and my energy is low... but I guess that comes along with the territory of trying to build a photography business and revamping it in the peak of the season as well as chase around a now One Year old!  And all of the "to-dos" of the Holidays are catching up since I have yet to do them.

But just wait, I'm not complaining (ok, maybe about the back), but I'm more listing and there's quite a bit of excitement in my skip.  'Cause there is so much in store!  

Before I get there, I must go here!  Check out these amazing personalized note cards I won from Pear Tree Greetings by a Giveaway over at The Paper Mama's (who's little one just turned One today!)  

I love these little cards and I want to use them so badly, but I have to save them for special little notes.

Now, my first year is completed with a big fat check mark on the side.  I did it.  I survived the year that forever changed me and the entire way I viewed the world.  My little girl managed to still love me unconditionally despite all my mistakes, failures and attempts at figuring out all things mommyness.  And with that I can give myself a good pat on the back.  

It is officially a year since the first day of the rest of my life.  Yes, because that is when all things changed and I grew up a little (sadly it came a long with lots of questionable choices, overflowing tears and a whole lot of heartbreak).  But here we are today.  One little family.  

And because I know you all want to see Birthday photos.... here's just a few [ha!].   We didn't have a birthday party for her, more like birthday dinners.  We dined at the in-laws, Grandma & Grandpa Stark's house on her actual birthday, and the we had my childhood friend and her entire family over for a simple but fun dinner just the other night.  

{A Glimpse at my future...}

I Just Loved Her Reaction to her Gift!

Yes, we must laugh at the preciousness of this photo!

Our beloved and most anticipated trip to Disneyland for her birthday was postponed!  So I guess that means her birthday celebration isn't over- wahoo!

And we're off, our little family of three, to Tuscon, Arizona for four days to check out a possible job opportunity.  I'll let you know how that goes another time.   



  1. So sorry you're back is sore! I know how that is :( Hope it starts feeling better soon!!
    And oooh she's such a doll! Love all of those photos! She looks like she was really enjoying herself!
    AND I can't wait to hear all about AZ! Oh my gosh, how exciting! Message me when you get back! Love ya!

  2. That old feeling only increases with time. I'm 28 and my knees have really been feeling it. And we don't have any children yet. I love those cards. I won some cards over at MPix. I need to order those before my offer runs out. And I love the birthday pictures. Good luck in AZ...can't wait to hear all about it.

  3. Jhen, great pictures....sorry about your back...get a massage? Hope you have a fantastic Christmas....

    Love, Marlece

  4. Sweet pictures! Have fun in Tuscon! We will be there for a little vacation in February!

  5. You are hysterical....25???? come on! You are in your quarter life crisis mode, but at least you are not 30 ;) hahahaha I'M OLD! :) Happy birthday sweet girl!!! Hope you had a wonderful birthday for your peanut!! :) question, how did you take those shots inside? external flash? They are so clear!!! MUST know!!! :) great shots!

  6. These pictures are great! Happy birthday lil' one!

  7. Awesome blog!! Those cards are soo cute!! Your baby is adorable, is there anything that isnt cute about your blog...NO!! :)

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  9. How sweet!! I love her little outfit. And the picture of her sitting by her new makeup desk is precious!

  10. Sorry I haven't been around to comment sooner, but these photos are PRECIOUS! Looks like she had a wonderful first birthday! Hope you guys are having a safe trip! Loves!!

  11. Those are so, so cute!!! Wait till you hit 30....hahaha. No, it is not that bad.

    J is so cute!!

  12. I'm totally going to half to steal your "ONE" idea. I love those letters.

    Your daughter is a total cutie!