Monday, March 21, 2011

Little Girls With Similar Ponytails

I had every intention of writing a post about marriage.  Well, about how my marriage is going.  But this morning, I snuck out early to start writing when I made a pit stop and read up on twitter, where I found a post that reignited my heart!

If there is one thing I hope to be clear on this blog, its where I stand in Human Trafficking.  From Child Soldiers to Sex Slaves.  IT HAS TO END...

I still get the treasured honor of rocking my little girl to sleep.  It is a little gem that I don't want to let go of.  The other night I was holding her in my arms next to the open window to help her breathe through a stuffy nose, and as she laid in my arms with her lashes gently resting on her cheeks, I broke down in tears.

I thought of the millions of innocent lives unheld, uncuddled, unloved.  I thought of the battered souls abused, neglected, unwanted.  And all I wanted to do was rescue them all.  I thought of the innocence of my little girl and imagined it stolen from her, and my heart raged with a passion to get it back.

Then this morning, I fitted her beautifully curly hair into it's first ponytail and watched her run around the room in delight as we praised her beauty.  And I saw a little girl before me.  And as I watched her play, I thought of the other little girls with similar ponytails currently lost in brothels as man after man handle her with selfishness and greed.

And my heart shattered.

But I didn't lose hope.

I poured out my heart each time begging the Lord to send me!  To send my family.  To send THOUSANDS and MILLIONS to rescue the innocent and redeem the abusers.

We aren't a better breed.  We aren't in any higher stature than anyone else.  But we have much that we must give back!  

And I write what I write to encourage.  My stories I share aren't to depress a Nation that has so much with so much potential to help, but to encourage those to do something about a world that is so desperately in need of Hope and Love.

There is so much to be done!  So much!

I encourage each of you to GET EDUCATED.  Believe in the POWER OF PRAYER.  AND DO SOMETHING.

and there are many many more....

or visit this blog to see what inspired this post of mine and other links to check out.

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  1. This kind of thing just breaks my heart!! I feel so horrified when I think about all of the children/people that are taken into those terrible situations!! I'm going to go check out those links right now.

  2. when we came to Costa Rica the very first time on a missions trip it was to go to the "broken district" - direct translation...and minister to the young ladies there...after our night or worship and fellowship one of the ladies asked to leave with us and that she needed two days to get in contact with her mom {she was from Panama}. Well, in the two days that she stayed at the college with us, we quickly learned that the district we went to was FULL of young women and "sex slaves" and this girl was only 14 and she was taken at 5 years old. 5 YEARS OLD!!! Our directors for the trip were freaking out. We did not realize what we had been in the middle of until after and at that point, everyone was just broken for these young girls.

  3. those are some GREAT organizations. my friend runs a race each year for sex trafficking and i might have to do that this year. these things definitely need to come to an end.

    thanks for sharing! and spreading the message :)

  4. I'm so glad you shared this, Jhen. This mission has been on my heart. My church has been working with notforsale and what an incredible ministry.

  5. These kind of stories break my heart. My heart aches for these families, these children...heading off to visit some of these links. :)

  6. Stunning post. I am so happy to see that people are awakening to what is going on in the world. Trafficking and slavery are something that needs to be abolished. Its something that I have become passionate about..

    Another really good link is Call and Response

    Again, great post!

  7. These are great links! I need to add some of these to my post too. Together we are a force for good!


    This is my heartbeat.

    And I was actually writing a post for human trafficking... God is good.

  9. Heart breaking. I never had a great need to reach out to orphan kids and I never felt great huge amounts of love and compassion for these people that I didn't even know until I had my own daughter and now I think of those kids as being little Kaela's without mom or dad and being abused and It breaks my heart.


  11. these are amazing posts/blogs~ thanks for this!

  12. those stories are awful! thanks for posting the links!