Monday, April 18, 2011

The Harvest

With books and ideas coming out as well as ideas that have existed for decades that have challenged the idea of our destination after death, I've been finding refuge in the only thing that has stayed true:  God's love letters in His Word.

And I think I've found myself letting go of the worries of trying to defend what I believe for what other people set out to change, and instead, discover the deeper urgency to the need of this world.

With the statistics rising in the trafficking of innocent lives, I'm coming to grips with what really is important.  And if we could truly grasp the ramifications of the lack of "workers in the harvest field,"  would our lives look drastically different?

There are unreached people groups and lives being lost without having felt the warmth of a forgiving love and a grace-filled hope.  But unlike the popular belief that God has abandoned some and blessed others, I believe the fault is ours.  Because we are the one's He's chosen to send out.  We've been called to "make disciples of all nations" (Matthew 28:19), and every life lost that hasn't heard of Love is because we haven't shared it.

But there is a way to change.  There is hope to decrease the statistics.

Luke 10:2 is that hope.  The world of hurting is plentiful, but those willing to go and share Love are few.  But we can respond to the call to pray for God to send out and pray for those to be willing to go.

For people like the Hendricks family- I'm certain there were people praying for God to send His Love over the people of Haiti and so he stirred in the hearts of the Hendricks to go- and they responded.

For someone like Katie who responded to the call to Africa, and I'm certain there were people praying that God would send someone to the people of Uganda.

Or there are the many now silently responding to the call to go to the world who receive no recognition for their obedience.

And because of our obedience to pray, I believe we will see a rise in "workers" to fight against the increase in sex slaves, child soldiers, people starving, children abused, broken homes, and a people with a desperate plea for love.  And because of our obedience to pray, I believe lives will be Saved.



  1. you have a new follower x
    lovely blog <#

    much blessings


  2. Great post! And the photo is wonderful as well.

    ♥ Love,

  3. Prayer is a powerful weapon...very powerful and so many forget that they can accomplish so much when they get on their knees and lift up the needs of others. The picture and bible verse are perfect together. I will make a point to pray for these children who are being trafficked more consistently! Thank you for continuing to bring more awareness to those of us living in oblivion!

  4. When we pray according to the Word, things CHANGE! The enemy has plans of evil but our power and authority given though Jesus Christ, equips us to SPEAK THE WORD and STOP his plans and bring others to the TRUTH! God is so good!!!!

  5. Wonderful post - prayer is amazing!

  6. Love is the thing that will last. and thank you for sharing with us that it's the place you rest in. amen. and amen :)

  7. I LOVE the power of praying! Great photo with a beautiful verse to go with it! xo

  8. I just love your blog. It is so inspiring and I love hearing your story.

    Unreached people groups have been on my heart for a couple years now, as well as my fiancé's. I believe strongly that there will be an increase in workers. In fact, I have about ten or so friends that plan on moving overseas to be workers and it is so neat to see the places God has called us to over the past few years (I hope that is encouraging, it is to me! :)). Oh, I'm sure you've seen it but is one my favorite websites!

    I get so busy that I forget to comment a lot of times but I just wanted to stop by and say hello today! :)
    In Christ's love,

  9. Amen! Our love for God makes us obedient to Him with prayer, with service to others and His message will get out and be heard.

  10. Yes. But sometimes, I think its easy to pray. Too easy maybe. We pray, and then we forget. We pray, and we think we've done our job. I always loved a quote by Keith Green that goes something like this: "Unless you are specifically called beyond a shadow of a doubt to stay home, the Bible says, you are called to go."

    Hmm...maybe I shouldn't really have said that, because I do really love and agree with your post. Those of us on the field do need the prayers of those back home too. But we need more workers too. There's too much to be done!

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