Thursday, May 12, 2011

The Unseen

Raising a little girl is absolutely terrifying.

I find myself processing situations and comparing risks far more than I ever did when I only had to think of myself.  And sometimes, the thought of any action bringing any kind of harm to her cripples any chance of adventure that comes my way.

I recently read an amazing post that truly had me thinking.  Then praying.  Then surrendering.

My biggest fear isn't in my daughter's death, it's in my daughter's suffering.  And the beauty that shines through in her gorgeous face doesn't just bring me joy, it brings me fear, because this world has mastered the ability to manipulate the image of beauty and render it dead.

So as my husband and I set out to shine light in a world where modern day slavery and child trafficking consumes the hearts of millions, I can't help but find myself taking steps backward at the thought of my little girl falling captive to the very ones we feel called to love.

And each step takes me back to a much safer place.  But can I really create my own heaven on earth by attempting to remove the risks all together?

So I aim to grasp the Heaven that comes through Christ and work at embracing Faith.

For we were never promised an easy and safe life.

And while I'll be fullfilling my duty to responsibly care and protect this little beauty of a heart that roams this earth, I set my safety in Heaven and not here on Earth.

And even though raising little girls in this world is a scary thing, it's a privilege I've been given to help bring light on a True Beauty that this world cannot shatter.



  1. She's getting bigger and more beautiful each post. :) I Always love reading your blog. While we are in different seasons of life I relate so easily to your posts. God is using you and your family for big things in the Kingdom, so keep trusting Him and surrendering every part of your life each day to Him.

    In Christ's love,

  2. i love it. jos is beautiful!
    i understand your fear & i understand your giving it to the Lord.

    When I read Jackie's post I felt the same way.
    We totally have to surrender what was his in the first place!

  3. This is a beautiful post! I love your thoughts as well as your pictures. :)

  4. Your pictures are stunning and your heart for God is beautiful to see.

  5. Wow Jhen - you have such a way with words and your images are absolutely beautiful. Just lovely!

  6. surrender ... crazy how at times seems impossible to fully surrender our children to God ... but when we do ... amazing how light we feel ... loved this post because it's such a huge challenge in my life these days ... we are raising such precious children of God!

  7. I often wonder, if I have children, especially a girl, what the world will do to her concept of beauty, of worth. Will my influence be enough to protect her? I'm so thankful for Christ and His love. Your daughter is blessed to have a mother who cares so much for her spirit and light.

  8. Beautiful friend. I too have these same thoughts. It's scary, but your right..our kids are ours for a time. God gave them to us for this moment to raise them the way He would. God will bless you for your work/prayers/thoughts/love for your little J. Well written friend

  9. Raising little girls is a BIG responsibility! I reflect on it often, reminding myself of how my actions are shaping them. There is so much struggle in this world, so many ways for them to suffer. But, there's where our faith comes in, our trust in Him. Trust is your Savior and know that you are a wonderful mother because He made you so!

  10. That little girl of yours is so adorable! The world is scary definitely, but just love her and do your best by her and I'm sure everything will be fine!

    Simply Kate

  11. i love, love, love the way you write. I don't know what kind of mother you are. I have never met you nor witnessed you care for your daughter. But I know and believe you are a woman who loves our KING and one who seeks to build up your daughter in his ways of love and that to me is what a great mother is. Your daughter will love to read this someday :).


  12. This was a beautiful post. I know the feelings exactly. I have two daughters and it's scary and wonderful all at the same time.

  13. This is so true! I live with the same fear in raising my son. The only comfort I have is knowing that God ultimately has charge of our lives and He can protect the little one better than I can imagine.