Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Ask The Husband: The Questions

Although I'm an incredibly passionate person, I will keep things not so, convicting on this blog.  I promise.  Because, I have to realize that there are moments, when I'm "waiting" that I have to enjoy the here and now, as you do too, despite the heartbreak we might be feeling for the rest of the world.

And recently, I've received questions that dig further into who we are as a family, so I thought, who better to answer, than the Leader of our Household and the silly man usually rolling his eyes when I log into blogger...   So....

Jon has promised to answer all the questions that come in.  Fun, huh?!?!  

So here's what you do, leave a comment below with your questions or email your questions (if you prefer it more private).  Ask anything you'd like as long as it's appropriate!  Whether its about me, him, our family, this blog, or anything else, ask away and he'll answer in a future post.  Fun.  Pure fun, I say!

Email them to

(I totally got Jon's permission to post this.  I respect and love my husband dearly and this silly side of him is one of his favorite sides.)

___________DO SOMETHING____________
Each post will sign off with a link to an organization you get get involved with by donating, advocating, or sponsoring.  


  1. When will you be moving closer to the Knight family?

  2. What is your view point on your wife being a stay at home mom, or not being one? Are there days that you resent having to provide for the family all on your own?

  3. are there any topics you have told her to not put on her blog?

    what do you love most about your wife? besides everything like we do ;)

  4. Mr. Max wants to know if Jon represents with his shorts and boots when he fishes in the concete pond??!! (and the elrods's love the starks)

  5. I love the new look of your blog! You are super talented lady!

  6. The picture is awesome! I have a fun one...hehe what are Jhen's pet peeves? I'm thinking of a ton of my own right

    What is her dessert of choice?

    Favorite place to shop...when $$ is available? :)