Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A Community

And they say blogging is a bunch of bologna!  I say fooey!

In August of this year, I'll make the trek to Thailand as a photographer with Ember Ink (not familiar, go check them out).  The purpose of this trip is to be the sole resource for local organizations to use to create media resources to create awareness on the global issue of Sex Trafficking.  I really can't share too many details because it is a sensitive trip, and for the sake of relief workers as well as our own team's safety, I have to limit what I share.

But the point of the trip is to be the first part to many parts on creating awareness as well as providing others ways to get involved.  I'm a part of the media team producing info, photos, videos and all the like on the actual field work (while being incredibly sensitive to victims, it is our absolute goal to exploit no one for our own creative gain). 

One blogger, who I'm friends with on Facebook, saw an ad I placed for a local fundraiser I'm doing.  Granted, being an east coast girl, she isn't able to participate in this So Cal fundraiser, but she felt pressed to help anyway... and this is what she did:

As a Scentsy consultant and blogger from Skinned Knees, Christy offered to open up an online Scentsy shop with 20% of the proceeds going towards helping to fund my trip this August.

Let me tell you... I.WAS.HUMBLED.  

A woman I have never met.  A woman who's heart I've only read about.  A woman who believes in Community.  A woman who believes in me.

So, I'm here to tell you about it!  Check out Christy's Scentsy store (Click the picture below):

I'm so grateful for Christy and her heart to serve as well as share in the Community we believe in!  THANK YOU CHRISTY!

If you are specifically interested to find out more about this trip or how you can help, email me at jhen.stark@gmail.com.  


  1. That is awesome Jhen! God truly provides!

  2. Love it! It's fascinating the types of relationships you can build with people you've never really met. What a blessing!

  3. Daddy God connects us together for His plan and purposses!!!! Trust me, I know how humbling and awesome it is when He makes those connections =)

  4. God is definitely working through Christy and through you to work out his plan for everything in Thailand. I'm so excited to keep reading about how you're using your photography to further the Kingdom!

  5. God is going use you and this trip mightily hun! so amazing. Blessed to be in the "know" of what the lord is doing in your life. Always a blessing :)


  6. I'm so happy I can help and feel blessed to be able to use my Scentsy stuff for Kingdom glory. I know God is going to use you in a wonderful way in Thailand! I'll be praying especially for you and the people of Thailand this month <3