Monday, November 28, 2011

Life, Jossie, and the Pursuit of Holiness

In seventeen days our daughter will be TWO.  In thirty days we'll be boarding a plane to Australia to attend, be in, and photograph my sister's wedding to the good ol' bloke from down under who brings out the best in her.  In fifty-three days we'll be in transition to finally make our way out of my parent's home and into our own.  So life, as you can tell, has a few adventures in store.

I've been working late hours and all the weekends to take on as many photo sessions I can and happily booking 2012 weddings.  I've been flirting with the idea of pulling away from portrait photography and focusing more on weddings.  But I make crazy decisions all the time, so we'll see what happens.

And all this flirting is because with each day, my daughter is asking so much more from me, and its all the things I want to give to her.  She's asking for my time.  My devotion.  My silly singing.  My dancing around the living room.  My rock rock's to sleep.  My cuddles when she has a boo boo.  And my correction for when she's doing a no no.  And all of these things pull me further and further away from the computer screen.  Which will have to mean less and less photo sessions for less and less processing.  But it is a job I'm willing to let go of because the reward is so great!
Her love for her babies is a trait I deeply foster.  Each one gets a turn on the high chair to be fed and she gladly rock rocks the ones that are sad and tucks each one into bed.  It's either a sign of her future as a mother or her desperate cry for siblings...

We've recently been asked to consider a position at a church to work with the youth ministry.  And in the first interview with the Pastor, he asked what our vision in life is and then encouraged us to take steps toward that vision, whether it takes a year to finish or the rest of our lives.  It reminded the both of us to think again at what is deeply in our hearts.

We would really love to open a home to rescue abandoned, neglected, trafficked and abused children and babies, while encouraging families and parents to get help and treatment in order for the ultimate goal; restoration.  Because we truly believe that a group home is never really the best option.  My heart wants to scoop up the unloved and wrap them in my arms, adopted them into my heart, and forever encourage them in love!  Its the desire that has uniquely formed my inner most being and one I believe is my story in the reflection of God's Glory.  And sometimes it can be quite frustrating to have the desire with no outlet to make it happen.  In that very frustration, I've allowed myself to become complacent and comfortable, yet screaming out for the Holy Spirit to move in me.

But someone wise once said that if the Holy Spirit is the ultimate comforter, I can't feel him if I'm already comforted.  So move to a place of uncomfortably and he'll meet me there.  So as we pursue the Holy One, we are choosing to step out of this comfortable place we've called home and go where the least of these reside.


  1. This was a beautiful post (as are pretty much all your posts) and it seems like you have a lot of good and exciting things coming into your life. Also, as usual your daughter is such a cutie!! :)

    Petit Monstree

  2. It seems like you have a lot of lovely things in store for both you and your family, which is always exciting. I admire you wanting to follow your heart and passion with both devoting more time to your daughter, as well as helping those in need. I feel there's nothing more important than being there day in and day out, to help mold the minds, hearts and futures of our little ones. Wanting to go above that and reach out to other children and families just goes to show how rich your heart is. It's a beautiful thing.

    The pictures of your daughter are beautiful. As they always are. She has such an angelic little face that always makes me smile when I come to your blog :)

  3. So many things coming up. I have no doubt you are beyond excited.

    I love that she puts each in the high chair and tucks them it. Too precious. Looks like she'll be a great big sister one day. :)
    Emily at Amazing Grapes

  4. im very excited for all these new adventures... and jossie she just gets cuter and cuter... :)

  5. Newest follower!

    LOVE your blog! Found you through Faith Blogs! Love that community! I am a Pastor's wifey & mommy to 2! :)

    KEEP WRITING & being a good mommy!

  6. I applaud Joann and Jim Hammer for having you in this world. They nurtured you with love, sacrifices, and education. Out of you and Jon brought out a sweet, innocent, lovable child. She is blessed with good parents, and grand parents. You have a good family and I congratulate you. Yes, be a good mother always and I like those beautiful pictures of Jossie.

  7. Lovely post friend. I am always trying to ask myself if I am too comfortable. I don't want to be. I want the Lord to use me, and I know the places where people are most used are in the uncomfortable ones. So may He bring us there and give us strength!

  8. mmmmm, wise thoughts friend. It is so true that this place that we live in here is often too comfortable and thus it makes it hard to really need the holy spirit or need the Lord at all. I have been really stripped of all the things I held dear over the past couple of years and to be honest I am grateful because it has only drawn me closer to the Lord. Becoming more like Christ is definitely a process and not an easy one but, SO worth it huh. Lovely post as always!