Thursday, December 8, 2011

2:00 AM

Last night, I stayed up ridiculously late working on this little beauty:

Go ahead, click on the picture, and browse around.  I'm extremely in love with Showit, the program, community, and the brains behind our website and business.  I get the freedom to design my website exactly the way we want it and we can do it knowing absolutely nothing about html.  It's brilliant, really.  I'm eternally grateful to Brett & Tori for introducing it to me.

Now it's onto finishing the final draft of my end of the year blog post (which holds all the tricks, lessons, and details behind all the we learned this year and how we'll be doing things differently next year).  


  1. So excited for you and your Husband! The website is beautiful and the Get to Know You section is super sweet! You shine! If ever you doubt it, trust me, I see it! Even from afar, via the massive world of these interwebs, you shine Jesus!

  2. It's beautiful!!! And the bio of you and your family seriously made me teary eyed, so precious!!

  3. LOVE your site... you are so good at that stuff girl. I wish you were for hire! One of my goals for 2012 is to make a more professional website, and you have inspired me! I'm all about the drag and drop software :) I'm totally going to check out Showit, thanks for the heads up. Can't wait to read about what you're learned! What a fun post :)

    I know one thing, and that is that I have watched your talent grow tremendously over the year. I knew when I first met you that you had a good eye, and watching your skill grow has been fun. You are going to do amazing things Jhen!

  4. Love it! Looks so beautiful and you two are so cute!:)