Friday, January 20, 2012

Hello. Goodbye.

Well.  Hello.  We're back.  Well, technically I never announced we left.  But we did.  And oh man, it was something.

In the past month or two we've had to say some serious hellos and goodbyes.  And quite frankly, they seem to be words we'll be saying over and over again in our future.  

Hello family moving back to Cali.
Goodbye Cali- we're off to Australia.
Hello new family in Australia.
Goodbye Auntie Jacky, we'll miss you more than words.
Hello 2012.
Goodbye 2011.
Hello year full of weddings.
Goodbye Portrait Sessions.

Yes.  Lots of serious hellos and goodbyes were said.  Lots.  

But in the end, all worth it.  Because each one meant something monumental for us.  A reminder that life is changing.  We aren't static.  We are moving towards and end.  One that is Good.  One that is worth it.  

I could write you a detailed list of our time in Aussie land.  Part of me wants to.  Part of me doesn't.  Part of me realized we didn't take as many pictures as I thought we did of our vacation.  So we'll just leave it simple, and let life just remain a memory in the mind.  I guess it just was never meant for a paper.  Or in this case, a virtual one.

I can write, however, that we went with the intent to share in the beautiful wedding of my sister and now brother in law.  I was the matron of honor.  Jon was the photographer.  Joss a flower girl.  It was hot.  My heart ached in ways I didn't realize it would.  But the moment was beautiful.  And we gained a brother with an amazing accent I wish you could hear.  Yes.  She married an Aussie Bloke.

And now that we are back, its straight to the grind.  My sister's being Stark Love's first 2012 wedding, we swung into the season with all our might.  And I made the mistake of lingering in responding to emails while we were away and now I'm backed up I feel overwhelmed just looking at my inbox.  Probably a challenge for tomorrow.  With the amount of weddings we have this year, we decided to make that our main focus.  But I constantly need a challenge.  So I have something different up my sleeve that I'm itching to announce.  I'm tempted to spill the beans at this very moment.  But no.  I'll wait until it's all together.  But oh, its so fun I want to shout it out.  Have I planted a seed of curiosity yet?

So hello virtual friends.  I hope you had a glorious holiday season.  Glorious!

And I'll end with a goodbye full of goodies.

The Customs House: Where my sister had her reception
A glimpse of the Cathedral where my sister was married.
Roo Meat anyone?  Kangaroo that is.  


  1. Super cool to see all these pics!! I am from Australia.. I was born in Tasmania, Australia and move to the USA when I was 3 :)

    Hope there are more pictures to come!

    I loved this post.
    Everything. :)

  3. What a great trip!! Love the pictures and I love your sister's purple dress!! The girls sitting in front of the tv, is so adorable!

    Can't wait to hear your announcement. :)
    Emily at Amazing Grapes

  4. It looks like it was a wonderful, amazing trip! I love Australia and would love to go back someday.

  5. great post!!! I was waiting to see some of these!!! can't WAIT to see the wedding.....!!!!

  6. You came to Brisbane! My little corner of the world :) Glad to see your sister picked an Australian from the good part of the country! hehe.. Loved the pictures! xx

  7. The pictures are so beautiful Jen. You have such an amazing eye for a picture and it makes me so happy to see you operating in your gift so abundantly!! I am dying to know how Joss did with all of that extensive travel?? I can barely work up the energy to go from NC TO CA with a little one let alone what you did. Any tips? :)

  8. umm.. you have a beautiful family & you are an AMAZING photographer! I am a new follower & I already love you - because we are family in Christ :)