Saturday, January 28, 2012

Jaclyn & Benjamin :: The Wedding

This is probably the most personal wedding Stark Love will have ever shot.

Jaclyn is my sister.  My best friend.  And Benjamin is her better half.  The one that doesn't give in, but gives her his all.  And this is their wedding.

It was the hottest day during our 2 week stay in Australia.  Most of our hair dos didn't last the intense humidity and heat.  Time ran faster than we thought it would.  Photo opportunities didn't necessarily go as planned.  And only one shooter the entire wedding.  But it was a beautiful.  She was radiant.  He was dashing.  They were absolutely stunning.  And even though three days later we boarded a plane 13hrs back to the States with the Pacific Ocean between us, we had the time of our lives.

There are little words to describe the magnificence of this day, so instead I'll write it with visuals.


  1. So many thoughts. Her ring is Gorgeous! The church is amazing. The shot of his men laying hands on him... love. The reception pics are so wonderful. So much love, I can see it. What a happy day. :-)

  2. These shots are so present, so in the moment and I absolutely love that you capture such a raw feel. Shadows, natural light or light that is present. IT feels so natural and I love it! Great job to you two and what a beautiful bride your sister is!