Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Around Our Home // A Design Dilemma

Before I finish off the rest of the house, I wanted to beg and plead with the rest of you.

More for fun.  Obviously this isn't tragic.  This isn't necessary.  This is just fun.  

I claimed our little off the kitchen dinette as our home/studio office.  But I need help.  I have a pinterest account, but I'm all pinterest out since I used it to inspire all the other areas of our home.  So here's where you come in.  Send me your suggestions.  Send me links to your pinterest board.  Send me emails with ideas.  Just send me something ;)

But here's the deal.  
  1. I don't want to buy "new furniture" although I am down to go on the hunt for freebies or thrift.  
  2. I will use this space for editing weddings, helping plan weddings, and basically all things weddings... so I need to be inspired for weddings
  3. It's right off the kitchen so it can't be too colorful that it distracts.  :)  
  4. I can't paint the walls, but it currently is a cream color.
  5. I'm inspired by USED items, and I'm not really into things that are new.
  6. I'm into pinks and creams.  
  7. I like barn textures.
Ok.  Ready.  SET.  GO


  1. I'm not sure what exactly you are looking for, but when I saw the space I immediately thought of these two pins of mine. Can't wait to see what you do!!

  2. That's a good space to work with!

    Here's my dream studio board!


  3. I've a few ideas for spaces like this pinned on my board. Here's the address to my 'nesting' board:
    and here's a few ideas in particular that strike me as 'could work for this kind of space':

  4. Hi Jhen!!!

    What about pallet art...roman shades in a pink hue, DIY succulent terrariums. I replaced my fence and used some of the old wood to make frames! They look awesome...

    Dana is one of my favorite photographers and she is amazing! I think you'll find tons of inspiration here