Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Big Announcement

Photo By Jae.Photography

So, I had this long post that poured out my heart in what would sound more like a creative speaking engagement and less like a blog post.  And it was written in such a way that wouldn't fully honor what today is.

This announcement was scheduled today because it is the last day before our website goes offline due to the way we scheduled our payments so I figured it would also be a great day to make the announcement.  But, discovered it was going to be tricky to write a clever post that might strip from what today is to many people.  The day we'll Never Forget.

So instead, I'll just make the announcement.

Today is the official day that we are closing down Stark Love Photography.

It's time we moved away from using photography as a business, and just did photography because we love it.  It's time to make way for other areas to come center stage.  It's time we ended because it is on a good note.  

We have come to love and respect our brides and grooms as friends and not just clients.  We've had amazing clients and we're ready to leave it at that.  Amazing.

We're also ready to put some other things first.  And one of those things is our little family and what we as a family have felt called to do.  

So, with no fancy post or creative poetic lingo (that I decided I'll at least save on a word document since it was SO GOOD) I'll finish off by answering the common question I know we'll get...

Yes.  We'll still be taking pictures.  I probably always will be because I love it.  And I believe I am good at it.  But not as a business, but more because I enjoy it and not because I need to in order to keep contract.  I am terrible at business anyways ;)

So thank you to those who have believed in us!  Thank you for those who have invested in us.  We loved the experiences, the friends made, and the accolade given.  We're proud of what we've done and how we've grown.  Now it is time to focus on other areas that deeply need focusing!  So thank you!

So before Stark Love finally departs, here's some of our absolute favorites (In no particular order)!


  1. I just love you guys so much! It is such an honor and blessin to watch how God moves and grows your sweet family!!! His plan is BIG, his plan is GOOD and His plan is FINAL!!! So excited to see where this journey goes from here....the eternity! Love y'all =)

  2. It's a beautiful end of an era. I've been so inspired by your work and really touched by your words and stories that go with them. God bless where you're headed next!

  3. Thank you for being my daughter's wedding photographer. Thank you for all your help and encouragement in my dream and journey to become one. You're an inspiration through your words and images. It's been such a pleasure getting to know you. God has HUGE plans for you because you put HIM first. I can't wait to see where He takes you now. God bless you three!! xoxoxo ♥

  4. You guys were great photographers. Makes me feel good to be one here:)I'm sad your moving on but if its going to make you happier, than I'd rather that. Thank you for photograping our wedding we loved every one of our pictures. I wish you the best<3

  5. You are amazing girl:) Kudos for putting your family and passions first though! much love, Katie

  6. SO beautiful and absolutely magnificent. So impressed to see a business going offline on a GOOD note. Praise God!!!

  7. I'm happy for you guys as you take this next step! What a big one it is! I know God will continue to lead you! I do hope you post just as much photography though! I love it! :)

  8. Love you guys and praying for what God has planned for your family!

  9. Here's to bigger and better things -- no matter what that looks like for you guys!

  10. Wow all the photos are really romantic ones...I still believe that marriage is the most romantic event of ones life....may God bless all the couples...

  11. You are a great photographer. Thank you for allowing me to use some of them on Family Fountain. Enjoy whatever new adventure is ahead of you!