Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Worth It For Each Other

Photo By Jess Hekman Photography

I was sitting across the table from my friend today as we made a little escape from the sickies in our home and ventured off in search of literature for an upcoming Bible Study we're hosting.  We were chatting about some of the goofy things are husbands do and some of the nitty-gritty  traits about who they are.

This past year probably has to be our hardest year on our marriage.  Both of us would tell you so if you ask.  It's been a tough challenge.  We're growing.  Risking new things.  Which is bringing out parts of us the other didn't know we had in them.  And for me, that lead to fear.  My husband was stepping up into a role that was made for him.  One I always knew he was made for, but as I saw him start to step into it, I feared I wasn't going to be invited along for the ride.  

And then of course, we were plunging ourselves smack dab into the wedding industry, which for the two of us, came even bigger risks.  We were constantly putting ourselves back into fantasy land of "what could be" or "what it should be".  We were seeing couples in newlywed stages and then comparing why we weren't there too.  

It was a challenge.  It still is a challenge.  Lots of hard nights wondering whether or not we were worth it for each other.  Wondering if we had anything left to fight for.  And yes, I took it more dramatic than he did.  But either way, it has been a harder year for both of us.

But we've been plowing through.  Making changes.  Removing some of the obstacles that have kept us from each other.  And from that, I'm seeing a man love me better than he has before.  

So our lives aren't all lavender fields with sunny skies.  We have hard days.  HARD DAYS.  We mess up.  We make stupid choices.  We don't always show it.  But if there is one message I want to be relayed when people look at my life, is that this messy scattered life, has been made WHOLE through Christ, and there's only Jesus to claim the honor of it all.  


  1. I love that you share the truth. I'm so glad you're able to cling to Jesus through it only to come out even stronger. :)

  2. love this girl:) thank you for persevering in your faith and in your marriage:) how beautiful is all that is tried and true, wrapped in so much love! muah, love ya girl, love Katie

  3. Your story seems to echo so many others in blog world. Especially the part about seeing newlyweds and comparing them to your relationship. 'Comparison is he thief of joy' afterall. I love that Jesus is your anchor!

  4. I understand. Completely.
    I'd say that the last 4+ years have been the hardest on my marriage. Right around the time we had babies. And no I am not blaming them. We are different people and we stress about things differently and the job that he had was killing him, literally, and sucking the life and love out of us. Bad choices were made. Ugly words have been said.

    Being married is HARD.
    Being parents is HARD.

    We are no where near where we need to be, but it's worth the fight.
    So worth the fight.

    love to you....chin up;)

  5. I would have to say the last year has been the most difficult for us too! Its nice to know we're not alone and that others are committed to marriage enough to stick out the flat times and see it through till the end.

    I'm so happy to see you're blogging again!

  6. I think we demonstrate Christ so well when we walk through seasons that are tough knowing that they're tough and staying faithful. He was faithful to the cross so he understands our deep pain and issues.

  7. Wow your couple is looking so attractive and full of love in the photo & you wrote a simply a mind blowing statement as the title...I just want to deeply wish a very very happy loving life to both of you....blessed to be here...thanks!!!