Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The Heart of 2012

I think I've written about 5-6 posts that have just either gone to drafts or been deleted.

For whatever reason, I've lost the flow of words that used to come a bit more naturally when I first started this blog almost three years ago.  Through this blogging experience, I've reconnected with old high school acquaintances, virtually connected with others who's heart resonated with my story, offended those I love deeply, documented some of the most beautiful captured moments of my little girl, gone through major photography growth and challenges, and come to a complete road block with what to do with this space now.

But what I do have is what is left and who we are....  

My family is in full time ministry.  Which means we reap the benefits and the challenges that come from being involved in church.  Sleepless nights of knowing first thing in the morning I have to make right a wrong I made towards someone, or happy tears from the complete obedience of  servants who donated their very best to us when we didn't deserve it.  

Our lives have radically changed since joining a church again.  I've had to learn to humbly support from the sidelines as my husband took center stage to the work in youth ministry.  I've had to learn to fall back in love with the people who gather together in the name of Christ.  And ultimately I've had to learn how to remain within the Love of Christ that covers the wrong in me from before and the wrong in me yet to be.  And through it all, our hearts craving for deep relationships with people is slowly being fed.  Community, the ones who are learning to love us with all that we have to offer, good and bad, are what made the end of our 2012 the peace we've been praying for!  

2012 for us was our first year as a family living on our own.  2012 was the year we moved on from our past and had to really look to what was ahead.  2012 was our hardest year on our marriage yet.  2012 introduced us to some amazing talent in the Photography industry.  2012 brought us in the presence of some of my favorite Christian Pastors sharing their heart.  2012 was the year God allowed us a deeper look into life with Him and invited us to it.  

2012 is officially over and 2013 has begun.  

And speaking of the best we didn't deserve... here's a few of some of my favorite photos so generously taken by a talent we get the pleasure of witnessing thrive in an industry that demands more and more.  These photos were taken by the incredibly talented Jeremy Chou of Jeremy Chou Photography!  The copyright belongs to him.  To see more, which I promise, you'll want to do, check out HIS BLOG...  (p.s.  and these are from a series of shots from FILM)  
Photo By Jeremy Chou Photography

Photo By Jeremy Chou Photography

Photo By Jeremy Chou Photography


  1. Happy New Year to you and your beautiful family! You are an inspiration to me!

  2. You & your family are such an inspiration. Wishing you a very blessed 2013. Phil 4:6-9



  3. Awww cute photos.

  4. she grew so fast!! you guys look lovely. your heart is set on God, somethomg Ive always admired and loved about you...happy new year