Thursday, June 19, 2014


These precious two.

I absolutely love the sister relationship they have.  Joleen lights up whenever Jossie enters a room, and Jossie is learning each day how to care and nurture her sister into a growing little girl.  I love seeing their bond, and I love seeing their little quarrels.  It's my favorite thing.

Jossie has started asking for more siblings, and she has a heart like ours.  She keeps asking me for a brother or a sister who's parent's "didn't want them".  Although we are working on teaching her that there are children who's parents maybe wanted them, but couldn't keep them, for now, she's set on having a brother (in particular) who's out there alone.

So we're working on that, but as we do, I'm treasuring (and struggling) with being mom to just these two and these are the kinds of of things I want to remember.  I want to hold to.  These are my two little loves.

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