Monday, October 19, 2015


I have sort of been avoiding Sweet Tea & Co for a while.  I delicately packed up each and every tea cup & saucer and placed them in a storage unit as we wait out this season of "waiting".  Currently my husband is in the Air Force DEP program and leaves December 1st and we wait from now until the end of winter to know what is next for us in terms of location, home, lifestyle, etc.  It's a season I have to really put my dreams in tissue paper and bubble wrap for a while.  

But that's ok.

It's giving me time to really focus in on Sweet Tea & Co, finalize the details and work hard at launching it well (at least I hope).  And I'm believing that in this time of waiting, God's working too.  I've been praying for others who love what I love and live passionately for community to be a part of making Sweet Tea and Co really come to life.

So it may be a while before Sweet Tea & Co really gets to launch itself out there.  It may be a while before all the hard work and late nights of investing in this baby come together.  But I haven't given up on it.  You'll see hints drop from time to time as I get this thing launched.

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