Tuesday, January 9, 2018

A New Day

In 2017 I wrote one post.  That was it.  One blog post.  

I struggled to find words worth sharing with the unknown.  My thoughts were delicate and the idea of putting them out there for people to dissect terrified me, but this last year has stretched my confidence farther than it has ever known.

This year, with a community of friends that leave me confident in who I am, in all my silliness and messiness, I'm taking back what I enjoy.  

We have some fun plans for this year.  Military life is a difficult one, but we love it so much, so this blog is going to focus on just what our life is, a military lifestyle blog.  You'll see me chat about our silly adventures, my love for fashion, base housing décor, and tips and tricks on surviving the military life.  

So for 2018, I'm entering this new year ready for risks.  So, here goes...

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