Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Creating A Workspace in Base Housing

The sun rises directly within view of my desk window and beams under the door way.  My favorite part of my mornings right now is grabbing my cup of coffee and opening the door to my "office", greeted by the sun and a clean crisp pink room.  

Living in base housing, we have minimal design stimulation, and just about every house is exactly the same.  When they say white walls, they mean it.  So it has taken me a while to really get this room the way that makes me happy, and I'm here to share how to transform a base housing room, into a place that makes you tick.  

We lucked out and got a 4 bedroom home (spoiled on our first assignment), so this fourth bedroom predominantly worked as a guest room, until I started working at home.  I needed a place where I can hide away but be invigorated by the aesthetics.  I'm a visual person, so I need a place that speaks to me and allows me to get in my zone.  

Most base housing communities will let you paint with permission.  Our particular community only requests a primer over the paint on move out so I decided that extra work is worth creating personal spaces in this blank canvas.  I'll give a full base housing tour later, but since much of my time recently is spent in this room, I decided to give the tour of my most intimate space; this is where I process and pour out my heart in both the book I'm working on and my blog.  

For me, minimal speaks just enough to awaken my creativity and entice my imagination.  And as always, pink just brings my heart to life.  

For a virtual tour of the space, check out my insta stories at my instagram, Jhenandco

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