Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Jeepers, Creepers...

My little munchkin is an official "Creeper!"  She moves and she moves.  She started on Father's Day and what a special gift to daddy that was.  Early that morning, Jon woke up and said, "Joss is going to crawl today."  He wanted to do nothing else for Father's Day except to get her to crawl.

Well, he didn't exactly get his 'crawl' but when reaching for her while she was on her belly, Joss put one arm down and used it to pull herself across the floor.  It was so fun to watch!  Here's a video of this morning while playing...


  1. YAY! good job you clever little munchkin! and you're so thoughtful to give your daddy a great fathers day pressie!! beautiful, precious girl!

    levi has started the scoot too... but it's mostly when he's in bed, not wanting to sleep and throwing a fit! he ends up at the other end of the cot. :) can't say for sure that he's trying to get there yet... i think it's more a by-product of his frustration! won't be long now though, i'm sure.

  2. My goodness Jhen she's so big. My nephew pushes himself across the floor, we call it the army crawl it's adorable. She is beautiful, soon she will be crawling everywhere.

  3. Adriel, it seems your little Levi is either physically ahead of my Joss or just an amazing developer, so I'm sure he'll be getting the creep soon enough!

    Sarah, she's so big now. This morning I went to pick her up out of bed and when she rested her head on my shoulders and her legs dangled to a little past my hip I realized how BIG she was getting and I cried a little :0)