Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Time for Inspiration

It has been six months since we moved here to California from Arkansas, and that means six months living in my parents living room (apparently time does go by fast when you have a baby, 'cause there would be no way I would have said I'd stay 6 months in my parents living room).  We are thankful that we get along well with all living in the home (since there are four couples living there), but it is getting time for us to get out on our own: AGAIN!

So we've been house hunting which has sparked my old passion to decorate and get inspired.  I previously kept a decorating book of all my clip outs of pieces that inspired me as well as DIY projects.  I've also been keeping HGTV and DIY Network on in the back ground as I go about my daily doings.

I've always had an obsession with Wingback Chairs, and my husband has just as obsessed with them as I am.  Before we sold everything and moved away we had a wingback chair given to us by my aunt, but that's long gone, so I've been scrounging through Craigslist and Freecycle for wingback chairs to reupholster.

These modern wingback chairs look extremely glamorous and keep a room from feeling TOO grandma"y"

I would love to mix some vintage pieces with modern to create a homey feeling.  One picture in my inspiration collection is the epitome of a reading room I'd love to relax with a book and cup of joe and just soak in the room.

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