Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Living Large On A Very Small Budget

Ok, so it's time for me to step up my blogging game!  I've slacked greatly and been very sloppy with my organization as well as purpose for "From Here to Eternity".  So I'm getting my act together.

As you've probably started to notice (my oh-so-committed readers) that Jon and I are on a very new adventure in our lives.  I've written all about the sudden and unsuspecting change, however, it has not been published due to the fact that I am making sure it is so fine tuned as to limit as many misunderstandings as possible.  But this new adventure has us looking at life in a WHOLE new way!

I was chasing material things, and I was chasing it hard!  I thrived off of a new purchase of a purse, shoe, blouse, nikety-nack and all things JUNK!  At 22 years old, I had managed to fill a 1,800 sq ft house of trinkets, nice furniture and fancy gadgets... then, what seemed like to all our family and friends as sudden, we sell and donate everything we own and move away...

... well, 1 year later, we have to start from complete scratch!  With very little to our name, we're trying to survive in this California jungle of nice cars, big houses (although small yards), decent jobs and fancy things!

It is pretty freeing starting from scratch.  We can create our lives to be just about anything we let it!  But its hard.  Most of my friends are having babies and putting them in cutely decorated baby rooms.  Couples are inviting us over for dinner at their newly purchased 4 bedroom home.  I'm not jealous, I'm extremely happy for all of my friends, I really am, but often I find myself trying to keep up, or worse yet, wanting to keep up!  But we're on a very TIGHT budget.  An almost non-existing one since we're focusing on getting us out on our own.

So, this new adventure "From Here to Eternity" is going on will document our beautiful daily learnings, Joss' included, and what it takes to Live Large On A Very Small Budget!    

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