Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Photo Blog Love

I was recently putting together a list for a photographer friend of blogs I absolutely LOVE in regards to photography (and a tid-bit of their personal life), and I decided I wanted to share in order to give shout outs as well as spread the word about these amazing blogs and their amazing photography!

- Enjoying The Small Things  - Although she shares her personal experiences and family story in her blog {which is still a MUST READ}, Kelle is an amazing photographer and not only does it show in the pictures she captures of her precious daughters, but in her professional photography business as well.  This blog is my absolute FAVORITE!
- Ramblings and Photos - Ashley Sisk is a gal I envy {ok, envy is a strong word, but I do admire her photography quite a bit}.  Her photos are amazing and her photo challenges are too good to pass up.  Her blog is the first I check and read EVERY day!!!
- Its A Beautiful Life - She's a mommy, I'm a mommy, and we both have some pretty cute kiddos.  Her little boy and the photos she captures of him are absolutely splendid.  She is also a photographer {with a FB fan page} and a great photographer at that!
- Pixel Perfect - First of all, her challenges and blog hops I just CANT get enough of!!!  I learn so much from seeing all the photos people link up to her challenges and enjoy them every week.  Second, she gives great tutorials about all things cameras and photos.  LOVE IT, ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!

I hope you enjoy checking out these great photography blogs!!!  Seriously, AMAZING!

{her, uh-oh, mommy caught me face}



  1. Thanks for sharing, I am most definitely going to check them out !!

  2. Thanks for the list. Love the baby pic. What a face!!!

  3. First off - thank you so much for the shout out. You made me smile and I appreciate that.

    2 - that picture is ADORABLE. You inspire me with your photography so I'm glad to know you!

  4. Thanks for sharing the links to your fave photogs.... I have some of my own, but the blog hopping and fresh photos / ideas from these girls is just amazing. And I agree the personalization of it all makes it even more endearing and fun!

    Ashley is my number one check in each morning too --- got to keep up on what is going on and she does the best job of all. AND her photos are fabulous as well - i agree!

  5. Stopping by your blog and to my surprise I see such a generous shout out to me!! Thanks so much, I appreciate that! I have so much enjoyed your blog, your little darling is seriously precious! That photo of her is gorgeous!!

  6. It's my pleasure to give you the Versatile Blogger Award today--you have such a sweet, beautiful, and creative blog. You can see the announcement at


    Have a wonderful day!

  7. Love Miss Joss...her face is adorable.

  8. I had never read 2 of the 4 of these!! Thanks for the links!!!