Sunday, November 21, 2010

Oh Yes Ma'am!

I've been begging the husband for a pair of these...
{Target- Mossimo Kaden Tall Buckle Boots}

They are $34.99 at Target and way out of budget and completely unnecessary, but I love them!  So, after completely filling up this weekend with Holiday Sessions, the boots became a special gift for a hard weekends work... but... it rained ALL WEEKEND.  So there went my boots and there went our income for the week!  POO!

I know this is such a small bummer in the entire scheme of things, and mostly this is a joke my husband loves to rub in {they just weren't meant to be}  Maybe I can find them on Black Friday way cheaper or better yet, as hand me downs one day!



  1. Oh Jhen! -- Look what I came across yesterday:

    They're so similar to those! (& $10 cheaper, which is a bunch in our household)
    I actually ordered some.

    I can totally relate to the emotion in this story! So insignificant when compared to the big plan, but still you get excited about them. Haha (: maybe these "Wally-world" knock-offs will help?

  2. Oohh those boots are so cute, I am so sorry you had to cancel your sessions! That kind of stuff happens here too sometimes. I hope you get to wear them soon!!

  3. i have those boots and i love them!

  4. Ah! We were meant to be friends... I ALMOST bought those 3 weeks ago. I had them in my cart while I was shopping and at the last minute, I put them back. I could just hear my husband saying "Mandy, did you really need those? Don't you have enough boots??" Ha ha. Maybe we'll both get them on sale. Keep an eye out online, that's what I've been doing :-)