Monday, November 22, 2010

When it rains... pours.  And I mean it literally.  This weekend it poured buckets all over Southern California.  And although I've complained and complained about the photo sessions I had to reschedule, we actually had a fun weekend bundled up indoors... but, before I get to that... check this....

I'm so excited!  Today I have a guest post at Michaela Noelle!  Remember how I was telling you about her Grace Series {umm... ya'll know I love me some Grace}, well, today my post is up.  So I would love it if you went and took a gander that way, and while you're at it, snoop around her blog, fall in love with the sweet girl that she is and become a follower!

Ok- so back to my weekend...

{My Heart}

{Rockin' around our Christmas Tree}

And today, I had to share this... this is my choice for today, and for as many days as I can.  So, steal the photo if you like and make this your choice as well... Take it, it's yours!



  1. That first picture is soo adorable!! (Well they all are, but that one in particular!)

  2. I wasn't a fan of the rain this weekend either! I'm up in Northern CA and it was SO cold. The wind made it worse.

    I love all the pictures! Too cute.

  3. love love love. i checked out your guest post! amazing. you are so inspiring.
    oh... and my favorite photo is that one of Joss and the couch with her bottle (the first pic) just leaned back...chillin'. she's so awesome.

  4. My favorite photo is of Joss crawling and jon behind the curtin!!! Priceless =)

  5. Super cute pics :) Family jammy time is fun. Sorry about your photoshoots :(

    This was the one weekend I actually didn't have any shoots planned, I was so happy to be inside while it was raining.

  6. I love Pajama Days!!! How fun! And I *adore* the milk dribbling down her chin in these pictures. TOO cute!

  7. AH! These are so cute :) I want to go dance with my daughter now!