Sunday, January 2, 2011

I'm Trendy! Are You?


This beautiful award has been floating around the blog world, and two lovely bloggers granted me this lovely title!  Thank you Mandy and Chelsea!  I'm stoked you thought of ME!

So in honor of this award, I'm passing it on to TEN others!
The Hendrick Family- Sit A Spell
Michaela- Michaela Noelle
Mama Foster- Mama Foster
Stephanie- Polos, Pearls, and Pacifiers
Footprints- Footprints
Amber- Amber's Articles
Krysta- My Life in Food
Kel- Then There Were Five
Shannon- Love The Moment
Khara- The Baby Mama Chronicles

Now... all you have to do to pass receive this award is:

  1. Post about your award.
  2. Pass it along to 10 other trendy bloggers!
  3. Leave a link to the Trendy Blog Button so they can grab it. {here is the link}

Now, after having listed ten, I'm inspired to write about some blogs I think you should read!  But you'll have to wait for that one!!!



  1. Jhen, thank you so much! This is my first bloggy award and I'm honored you passed it on to me!

  2. I seriously had to go back and REREAD my name on that list! Thank you so much, wonderful lady! :)