Friday, February 4, 2011

Questions for ME

So- I've been itching to do a Vlog... YES, that's right.  A Vlog!  Weird?  Maybe.  Cool?  Hopefully.  Interesting?  Most definitely!  So that brings up questions from YOU!  This is a risk.  Like, what if no one asks questions?  Gah- that would be embarrassing:  No questions.  But I'll put myself out there.


Ask me anything.  Although I'll try to keep all questions available to be answered, try to keep them appropriate (my mom reads this blog).  But feel free to ask me anything!  Absolutely anything!  Leave a comment or send an email ( and while I'm up North in San Francisco, I'll be visiting your blogs and leaving some love- as well as prepping my first Vlog answering your questions.


I haven't forgotten my First Blog Giveaway!  Next week I'll be giving away a FREE BLOG DESIGN TEMPLATE.  It's the best I know how to give!

Monday's In Love Linky will be a little more interesting this next Monday!  Out of the entries, 3 Entries will be selected and high lighted- but not just off of quality of photo, but out of the reasons why your "In Love" photo is represented.  So, next Saturday, three selected entries will have their Blog Featured HERE!  

So remember- questions.questions.questions!  Why?  Because that will make it all the more FUN!  Plus, seeing me real instead of edited in portrait photos will make life far more entertaining *wink*  



  1. Oh well I already know what you look and sound like via your webcam and it's awesome!!! So fun to put a live face and voice to the blogger!
    Lemme think of a question...

    1. How on earth do you always manage to look so dang cute? And... where do you get all of your adorable clothes?


  2. Yay, so excited to see your vlog! I did my first vlog a couple weeks ago and really enjoyed it.

    I was going to ask you the same question as the person above me! Where do you get your cute clothes and accessories?

  3. I will definitely come up with some questions for you :) looking forward to a new side of jhen :)

  4. You are SUCH a beauty!

  5. yup, I like Mandy's questions too;0. Also, what passion are you the most interested in pursuing as of late? Is it blogging, photography, design?? How often do you go on date nights with your hubby sans that beautiful daughter of yours?

  6. Hello sweet friend! I awarded you on my blog! ♡

  7. I always have wanted to ask this: how did you come up with the name Josselyn for your daughter? Any family connections?

  8. This may be my first comment, but I've been following you for awhile. Just FYI. :)

    I always love getting to know other bloggers!

    My question is: Did you grow up in a Christian home? If not, what made you decide living for Him was the thing to do? :)

  9. Two questions:
    1. Your daughter's name is gorgeous - what made you decide on Josselyn? And what's her middle name?

    2. If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?

  10. you are just so beautiful & your blog is a dream girl! so instead of asking you a question i have left a little award for you at my place ::

    you list seven snippets of yourself in return! happy weekending!

  11. What does your wedding ring look like? :) I can always see it far away in pictures, but never up close.

  12. What is your favorite bible verse and why?

    And, what hair junk do you use? (any styling secrets?!?) :)