Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Rev Jon

So this saturday is going to be the start of something good. My Reverend husband will be officiating his FIRST wedding. Yippee!

This house has been full of nerves since Jon was first asked by his brother months ago. And so with only a few days till "go time" the nerves have officially gone hay wall!

Well, with Jon being the Officiant, that makes me, Mrs. Rev. Jonathan R. Stark. So as most of you know so well about me, that meant I had to look the part. After days and weeks of researching for the right dress online, I finally gave up and made a day of going to the mall (granted the mall is a good 30min away). After searching every store and walking back and forth from all four corners of the mall, I finally found it. THE dress. It was just sitting there all alone. The last one of its kind. Best part it was like a sign from Heaven, DISCOUNTED! Wait, there's more. It was exactly my size. Haha, even more! What was originally $118.00 was priced at $29.99 and I happened to have a gift card for $40.00. So it tuned out to have not cost our bank account a dime.

So I'll post pics after Saturday of my amazing husband standing up there and me, sitting so proper in her new Calvin Klein Pink Dress. ;0)

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