Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Our First Relief

So we've accomplished our first set. As of tomorrow at 12 we'll get our first relief time. To be quite honest, it's a time we're quite excited for. We desperately need sleep. Four boys really keep us on our toes. All we hear is "Mr. Jon this" and "Mrs. Jhen that". After so long, our names can get quite frustrating to hear over and over and over again. But I guess that's the job description of being a parent. And overall, we love it!!!

So the updates are
1. Still no insurance although we sent in our application for Medicaid. We should hear within the next few days. My health is doing great and all the annoying 1st trimester symptoms have decreased greatly as I've officially entered my 13th week (although we still have to wait for a doctor's confirmation).
2. One of our boys is officially going home. He's been here many years and his family is now ready to have him home. We are very excited for him, but we are sad to see him go.
3. We've adjusted quite well to our new home and environment. The staff continues to welcome us and make sure we really make this place home. We're starting to get a hang of how the system works and we getting reassurance every day that this is exactly where God wanted us to be.
4. We will be going on our first group vacation next week. Our group will be traveling to Branson, MO for a weekend, but again, before then Jon and I will get a week to regroup so we'll be refreshed to work hard.
5. Lastly, which I am so excited about) I got my very first Fishing Pole and so far have caught 3 bass with it! WAHOO! Congrats to me!


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