Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Updates and Photos Ya'll Have Been Waiting For

Summer schedule has officially begun and our house gained a new little boy. In the summer, we get the joys of swimming in the pool, night outings, fishing, and late night movie watching. We currently have four boys in our home, a 17, 15, 10, and 5 year old. We are very blessed to have well behaved boys, even though "boys will be boys."

I've had a hard time struggling with the pregnancy symptoms as well as a lack of Health Insurance, but I have found Peace in My Creator and the Creator of our child, that I know that He's got it all taken care of. We've applied for Medicaid (a VERY humbling experience), and are awaiting our approval. Once we've been approved we'll have a doctor in no time.

The past couple of days have been quite the experience. We (Jon and I) continue to enjoy learning the process of the Ranch and we quite enjoy being a part of a staff of such amazing, encouraging and wise people. This is not a job, this is our life, and to think that my life entails the opportunity to be paid to raise kids and have my husband home along for the process is just plain insane!

Here's some photos of the boy's Boy Scouting camping trip and some fishing nights at the pond.

Cody & Zack
Mr. JonBradlyNot really a good picture, but this is JakeMr. Jon caught a few fish!Nathan fishing
All my boys at the Whatley Lake: Jake, Bradly, Mr. Jon, Eric, and Dalton

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