Saturday, October 3, 2009

Countdown Begins

Tomorrow morning marks the 30th week of Pregnancy! WAHOO!!! We are super excited and starting to gather up everything necessary to make her room complete. Jon is in nesting mode as much as I am.

We were recently able to spend some time with Jax (my sister) and the band Five Star Streets and Saving Sparrow as they were traveling from one show in Dallas, TX to the next in Atlanta, GA. It was so fun to have our house full of people our age, if only for a little while. The guys spent most of their time playing Wii while we gals headed to the stores. I can't tell you the last time I had girl time. It did remind Jon and I exactly how old we really are, when most of the time we feel a lot older being house parents to 7 boys.

But let me tell you, no matter how much we miss random outtings, shopping sprees, and poker nights, we wouldn't give up our life for anything! At the end of our day we were missing our boys roaming around the house.

I am excited to post pics of the baby room and family photos but you'll just have to check back and see since they aren't ready yet.

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