Sunday, November 8, 2009

Everything New

This is officially the last time Jon and I will be alone on our Relief Week (every 28 days we get 6 days where our boys relocate to a temporary Relief Home in order to let us refuel our batteries). As of next Relief, Josselyn Raleigh Stark will be in my arms.

I've been horrible with this blog considering most of you who read it are updated quite frequently through Facebook, but I want to confirm you all that this blog goes into much further detail than Facebook can or will.

I've been having many sleepless nights (I'm sure in order to prepare for what is to come), and my mind is awakened every night with "did I get this done" or "oh no, I forgot this thing". My body is definitely prepping itself for the day of her arrival. I'm experiencing more contractions, cramps, serious back pain, and all the other fun joys of prepping for labor. At our last Dr.'s appointment I was measured a week earlier than what we had set for, so quite possibly today marks week 36 instead of week 35. Let's hope so. Her nursery is just about complete with only a few other knick knacks to purchase in order for things to (temporarily) be in order. We've been blessed by each of you who have given such beautiful gifts to our little baby dweller.

Our Home is exactly where we're meant to be. Although financially we're still left with so many "what ifs" or "can we make it", we have never been so blessed. Our boys have melted our hearts and we love them deeply, even though they'll only be ours for a short time. I cry each time I allow myself to think of the day when they'll be relocated or leave the Ranch. I pray and believe for only the best for these boys as I try my hardest to give the best to them while they are in my care (although they'll probably have a different opinion ;0)

With the holidays coming up and Josselyn's arrival we're making sure we don't spread ourselves too thin, but we want to give it our all. We've tackled Halloween with so much ease (sort of). Thanksgiving will come and go quickly considering all of us are wanting to just skip to Christmas. A log home is the funnest to decorate for Christmas by the way! Here's a few photos of our boys on Halloween:

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