Sunday, November 8, 2009

Q & A

So a lot of you have been asking questions regarding Josselyn's arrival and how are we going to handle it all... well here comes the answers!

Q: Where is Josselyn going to be born?
A: Josselyn will be born at Christus St. Michael in Texarkana, TX. That's right, Josselyn will be born on the Texas side.

Q: Do you have insurance yet?
A: Still no insurance, however we are going to reapply for medicaid in hopes that this time we'll be approved. If not, we have another (but more expensive) option with Blue Shield.

Q: Where will the boys be when you go to deliver?
A: That is actually a GREAT question! Josselyn can come at any time, and if that were to happen while we are not on our Relief break, then the boys will temporarily relocate for a few days (not sure where yet). We have asked for them to be able to visit at the hospital in order for them to feel included in our "family" and not tossed off to the side just because our baby is now here. We have discussed with our Dr. the option of being induced on our due date, December 13, if she hasn't already arrived since our due date falls during our December Relief.

Q: Will you have any help once Josselyn arrives since you already have 7 boys?
A: Temporarily we will have help. My parents are set to arrive December 12 and stay until the 28th (if all goes well). But I'm sure my parents will mostly be doting on their new granddaughter and the grandboys instead of "helping" ;0)

Q: Have you taken any birthing classes?
A: No birthing classes yet and I'm not sure if we'll have a chance to take any. Our schedule is pretty packed and our boys are our priority (although the health and safety of Josselyn is priority as well).

Q: Will you be getting an epidural?
A: So far the plan is a "no". 1) because we might have to be paying out of pocket for the delivery and that's another added expense, and 2) it is important to Jon to not get one (you ask HIM the reasons).

So far, those are the questions I've received. If you have more, feel free to comment and I'd be more than happy to answer them!

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