Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Dreaming Big

It is Tuesday afternoon and I am still in my pajamas sitting on my bed while my little one is taking one of her many daily naps.  It's somewhat of a cloudy day outside but the contrast of the green grass against the sky is still radiant.  I find myself constantly staring out this window dreaming of a life I desire to have.

I was created with a passion deep within my heart that constantly stirs my creative thought and I start dreaming big.  I love children and my heart breaks for children everywhere.  When I was in high school, I noticed a young boy quietly making his way through the hallways while everyone passed him by, too distracted by their own motives to notice someone crying out for love.  His name was Jacob.  Jacob started it all for me.  Instead of worrying about my own high school sorrows, I made it my goal to somehow show Jake, that I knew he existed. I would walk the long way to class just to "casually" walk by Jacob and give him a bright "hello".  I humiliated myself by bringing gifts for everyone in my Social Studies class my senior year (forgetting a few gifts for people) just to make sure that Jacob received a personal gift for Christmas.  He changed my whole view on life and because of him, I wanted to see a change in children's lives.

I committed to one day having a home full of children in order to provide Love for the unloved, but I decided to dream BIG.  Give me acres of rolling green hills, with a lake and a dock for the children to skip rocks from.  Give me a home with many rooms to fill and a wrap around porch with rocking chairs to sit in to watch the children roam.  Give me a child who's parents left behind and I will give them LOVE!  

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  1. One day, your big dream will be a big reality.