Saturday, March 6, 2010

Whale Wars

Since Jon and I have been back home and unemployed, we've discovered the show Whale Wars and are now deeply captivated by the show.

If any of you have seen the intro to the show, it equally depicts both issues going on in the Antarctic Ocean.  At first, it was just entertaining, but now I feel emotionally invested as I've gotten deeper involved in the issue.  The Steve Irwin (the ship carrying the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society members) sets out to track down and stop the Japanese Whaling fleet.  The Japanese Whalers claim to be whaling for research sake under the International Whaling Law.  The Sea Shepherd's claim the  Japanese whalers are illegally killing whales.

Where my questions come in...

Why do the Japanese Whalers need to kill so many whales for research?  It makes sense, the argument the Sea Shepherd Organization have, that the Japanese are using the "research" label as a cover for commercial whaling.  It is against the International Law to waste the Whaling meat from whales used for research so therefore, the must sell the meat for commercial use.  Therefore, there's a loop-hole that the Japanese have found.  Hmmm... this is interesting.

I'm not sure if I agree with the Sea Shepherd's tactics, however.  I suggest ya'll watch the show and develop your own opinions... (and yes, to you skeptics of my opinions, I have done further research on both organizations).

Let's start a discussion.  What do ya'll think?

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