Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A Good Cup of Decaf Joe

At one time, I had this painted picture of a coffee cup with the urban definition of a "cup of joe" that hung in our kitchen as decoration.  Each morning I would see it as I made myself a cup of coffee to wake me up each day.  Today I sit with a cup of decaf joe, therefore doing nothing for my sleep deprived mind, but providing a calming ambiance none-the-less.  And for that coffee cup picture, it's floating somewhere in the Thrift-store world.

Josselyn is fast asleep so I'm getting in a good blogging session.  The house is quiet as most are still asleep even though its well past 9am.  The coffee is a little too hot so I must sit and anxiously wait for the first sip.

I had always thought it would be fun to open up a coffee shop.  The town I grew up with isn't so Coffee Shop savvy.  There's one pretty well known coffee shop that most like to hang out at, but its pretty barren compared to a few of my favorites.  The 419 Veronese Gallery and Cafe in Fullerton, California sparked this random desire to have a coffee/tea shop of my own.  It has a garden with antiques.  You can grab a blanket from one of their shelfs and cuddle up to a cup of coffee or tea and under a blanket of trees.  It's absolutely breathtaking.

But as for my humble coffee moment, I sit in my pj's of Jon's over sized shirt and last year's Christmas pants drinking some decaf Hazelnut coffee... hmm... what will spark my brain today?


  1. I'll be your barista?


  2. moonpennies.

    so much cheaper than starbucks.