Sunday, May 23, 2010

Writer's Suggestion

I will just go ahead and confess it... I do not shower every day!  I am an every other day kind of gal... Unless necessary.  I know most of you are probably disgusted and ready to tune me out, but wait, there is a reason for my confession.

Well, since being a mommy, my hair styles have changed and I don't really get the luxury of showering every morning (also considering all I really do is stay at home, play with baby, and catch up on much needed sleep), so I need something that will freshen me up and even make me feel "clean".

My sister discovered a magic aerosol can that does wonders for gals like me.  Its called Pssssst!  Pssssst is a Dry Shampoo that can be found at your local Walgreens or Walmart.  It is MAGIC!

There are so many reasons I use the can for.  Currently, I'm starting a photography business that means when a shoot happens and I got baby with me, I don't have full time to primp up for such an outing, so I quickly spray the dry shampoo (lifting layers and spraying roots) all over and vuala...  any sign of grease or shine is gone.

I also noticed that on days that I get the chance to blow dry and style my hair, I constantly fluff by running my fingers through it, quickly making the roots greasy.  With some a spray of Pssssst, my hair is like I just styled it.

Oh, but wait.  It gets better... Pssssst adds MARVELOUS volume to the hair!  Its splendid.  I am a volume lover (though not so much the "bump-it" kind of volume lover, more like the natural volume lover).

So, if you're in the market for some new products in your hair, pick Allure Magazine's Editor's Choice Award: Pssssst!

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